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Sam Trickett Steps Away From Poker

Matthew Pitt | April 11, 2021

Sam Trickett is taking a break from the poker world, according to a tweet sent by the superstar. Trickett is one of the biggest winners of all time with $21,782,558 in live tournament earnings. Trickett’s rise to superstardom is well documented. He harbored dreams of becoming a professional soccer player,...

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Improve Your Win Rate With a Semi-Bluff

Matthew Pitt | April 11, 2021

Having a semi-bluff in your arsenal is a great way to keep your opponents guessing. It is one way to add more chips to your stack and improve your overall win rate. Think of a semi-bluff as a bluff with a Plan B. Stone cold bluffs require our opponent to...

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Dan Bilzerian Feature on Poker After Dark

Matthew Pitt | April 8, 2021

PokerGO relaunched the popular Poker After Dark, and the series is now into its 12th season. "Blitz Week" is the name the latest episode went by because it featured none other than Dan Bilzerian. Poker After Dark often features some of the best poker players in the business. Blitz Week...

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Five Poker Stars From Connecticut

Matthew Pitt | April 6, 2021

Connecticut is the third-smallest state by area but the fourth-most densely populated. The state boasts of the highest per-capita income of all 50 US states, along with some incredible poker talent. The five biggest live poker tournament winners in Connecticut have almost $10.5 million in earnings between them. In addition,...

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High Stakes Duel: Hellmuth Defeats Negreanu

Matthew Pitt | April 5, 2021

Phil Hellmuth mounted an epic comeback to win his High Stakes Duel against Daniel Negreanu. The pair of poker Goliaths spent months needling each other, but it is Hellmuth who has the bragging rights. Hellmuth and Negreanu met at the PokerGo Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada, and locked horns in...

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Tentative Dates for 2021 WSOP Announced

Matthew Pitt | April 4, 2021

Poker players from around the world rejoiced at the news that there is a 2021 WSOP. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) revealed tentative dates for the 2021 WSOP on April 1. Players thought the announcement was a cruel April Fool’s joke, but it was deadly serious. Last year was...

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A Hero Call In Action

Matthew Pitt | April 2, 2021

Have you ever called a river bet with a marginal or weak hand and discovered you were correct? You, my friend, made a hero call. A hero call is a risky call often made with marginal hands. These calls are difficult to make, almost heroic, which is why the poker...

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Hal Rotholz Takes Down bestbet Spring Series Main Event

Matthew Pitt | April 1, 2021

Hal Rotholz decided to travel from New York to Jacksonville, Florida, and it turned out to be a fantastic decision on his part. Why? Because it resulted in winning the bestbet Spring Series Main Event for $180,986. Rotholz is enjoying a purple patch of form. His last seven live tournaments...

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Five of the Biggest Poker Winners From Missouri

Matthew Pitt | March 31, 2021

Do you know Missouri and Tennessee share the record for being bordered by the most states? Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska all border Missouri. The “Show Me State” has lax rules on alcohol, too, making it a favorite of ours. Having Anheuser-Busch, brewers of Budweiser, on...

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Daniel Sepiol Wins MSPT Riverside Main Event ($162,750)

Matthew Pitt | March 29, 2021

Daniel Sepiol won the MSPT Riverside Main Event in Iowa this weekend and secured a career-best $162,750. Sepiol came out on top of an 862-string field to become the latest in a long line of MSPT champions. Sepiol bought into Day 1A of the $1,100 Main Event and progressed at...

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