Best Poker Freerolls Sites 2022

What is Freeroll Poker?

As the name implies, freerolls are free to play. That’s what makes them the best way for new players to learn poker, get a feel for the game and start building a bankroll of their own. While the tournaments are free to enter, they offer small cash prizes for the top finishers. This makes it possible to start building millions for free. Luckily, nearly all the best online poker sites off some kind of freeroll.

A lot of players have gotten their start playing on free poker sites and a few pros have even tried to challenge themselves by building up a bankroll from nothing. The path is there, it can be done, it just takes time, dedication and practice. Since they’re free to enter, you aren’t limited by your bankroll, only by the number of tournaments and time you want to put into improving your poker skills. Once you’ve mastered your skills in the free game and have built up a small bankroll, then you can jump to the more lucrative cash games with tons of experience under your belt.

There are all different kinds of freerolls too. You can play in tournaments or ring games. They’re also offered across the spectrum of poker games. You can play freeroll Texas No-Limit Hold’em or a number of other poker variants like Omaha, Seven-Card Stud or Razz.

Free Poker vs. Freerolls

Freeroll tournaments are online events that cost nothing to enter, but there is a chance to win real money. These tournaments are very popular with beginner players because there is zero risk involved. Free Poker is simply free poker games where no real money is awarded and is usually played for fun or for practice.

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How Do Poker Freerolls Work?

The Prize: The prize pool can either be split among a number of participants or go all to the winner’s account (winner-take-all freerolls). These prizes can be real money, special poker bonuses, swag and tickets to other events.

The Stack: Each player will get what’s called a ‘starting stack’ – it is free and every player is awarded the same amount of chips.

The Gameplay: Freeroll games have the same rules as whatever poker variant is being played. New players really enjoy this because it gives them first-hand experience.

The Structure: Tournament antes and blinds may increase based on the event.

Pros and Cons of Free Rolls


  • Freerolls are free to play
  • Most events attract beginners and low-skilled players
  • Freerolls are great to learn how to play different poker variants
  • They are low-pressure poker events so you can explore different poker strategies.


  • Small prize pool
  • Beginners make playing unpredictable
  • The best freerolls are either password-protected events or open only to VIP players
  • Only the biggest poker sites have freerolls to play lesser- known variants

What Makes a Great Poker Freeroll Room?

There are four key characteristics that are signs that you’re in a great poker freeroll room:

  1. No deposit bonuses
  2. Poker bonuses
  3. Casino bonuses
  4. Free spins

Pros who Started out Playing Freerolls

Annette Obrestad famously won the 2007 World Series of Poker Europe a day before her 19th birthday for £1 million and has won millions of dollars in tournament poker since. But before she got to that WSOP final table, Obrestead, from Norway, had built up a ton of experience playing freerolls. Obrestad started playing poker as a teenager, when she wasn’t even old enough to deposit money on a poker site. That’s why she started playing freerolls and slowly started building experience and a bankroll.

Eventually, Obrestad kept moving up the stakes and making more money. Obrestad is said to have cashed out nearly $500,000 on PokerStars and hundreds of thousands of dollars on other sites. When she finally did deposit, there’s no doubt that a few poker bonuses helped push her bankroll up a bit.

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Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, a co-founder of Full Tilt Poker and the 2000 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion, is a bit too old to have started out with freerolls, but he did show that it’s possible to build a roll from nothing.

In 2006, Ferguson took on a challenge to build a $10,000 bankroll from scratch. He started out by playing freerolls and it took him a few weeks to build up his first $2. After that, Ferguson built it up to $22 and started playing micro-stakes cash games and $1 tournaments. Little by little, Ferguson kept building and completed the challenge a year later in 2007.

Disciplined Bankroll Management

Ferguson wouldn’t have complete his challenge if he didn’t have strict bankroll management. Nearly all to high stakes pros have gotten to where they are by using disciplined bankroll management and making sure to only play higher stakes as their skills improved. Part of disciplined bankroll management is patience and knowing your skill level. Playing in games where you’re severely out skilled isn’t great for your bankroll management. That’s why discipline and patience are also essential in becoming a successful poker pro.

You’ll see the shift in skills every time you move up or down stakes. People in freerolls play very differently than real money players. And midstakes players play very different from microstakes player. So don’t jump in too deep at first. Start out slow and learn the new stakes as you jump up.

US Poker Sites with Great Freerolls

Freerolls are a bit tougher to find in 2022, but all the major sites still offer some kind of freeroll. PokerStars still hosts several freerolls throughout the day. Some sites in New Jersey and Nevada have freerolls peppered throughout their schedules. Lots of offshore sites have stopped offering them since demand was so high it would sometimes crash their servers.

BetOnline stopped offering freerolls in 2018, but they do have deposit bonuses for new players. If you sign up for an account there, you qualify for the New Player Freeroll bonus that offers up to $10,000 in prizes. The tournament runs on the second Sunday of each month and new players are given a free ticket to enter. The site also offers a Happy Hour Freeroll every Monday, but those winnings can only be used on the site’s live casino.

Ignition Poker offers a weekly $2,500 freeroll tournament every Thursday for certain players. To qualify, you have to have Chrome Status on their rewards program.

If you want more frequent freerolls, then 888 poker offers daily freeroll tournaments. 888 poker offers nearly $50,000 in freeroll prizes every week.

These are just some bonuses and freerolls out there. There are plenty of other sites that offer more if you start looking around. You can use any of these promotions to jumpstart your poker career with a minimal investment. You can start building your way towards your poker goals today.

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Top Rated Freeroll Sites

Two of the top-rated poker freeroll sites are BetOnline and Americas Cardroom.

BetOnline has nearly $20,000 in monthly poker freerolls for depositors and regular players.

BetOnline freerolls offer:

  • Only for depositors
  • Monthly $10,000 freeroll for new depositors
  • $500 freeroll for Bronze players
  • $1,000 freeroll for Silver players
  • $2,000 for Gold players
  • Freeroll open to all for a ticket to $50,000 guarantee

You can read our full review of BetOnline.

Americas Cardroom poker freerolls offer:

  • The only on-demand freerolls online
  • Prize pool is $10 for each
  • Starts whenever 300 players register
  • 2 per hour get filled up
  • $250 private freerolls for our new depositors

You can read our full review of Americas Cardroom.

Legal Poker Rooms and States

If you’re in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, PokerStars is a great option to get started with freerolls. They’re almost always available, just log on and check the lobby for tournaments in brown lettering.

Players in New Jersey and Nevada can also find freerolls on the WSOP site. They have a daily $100 freeroll bonus with a maximum capacity of 600 players. So be sure to sign up early. If you’re a member of the US Armed Forces, a police department or fire department, you can also qualify in the site’s monthly Hero Freeroll bonus.

If these don’t suit you, then there are plenty of alternative online poker options out there.

US Poker Sites with the “Best Value” Freerolls

If you’re in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or outside the US, PokerStars has the best freerolls. After that, BetOnline and Ignition Poker have some pretty solid offerings.

If you agree, disagree, or just want to chime in, then make your voice heard with an online poker site review.

These sites want to keep their customers and your reviews can help them gauge what they’re doing well (like freerolls) and what they can do better (like more freerolls). You can also contact customer service or go on social media to let these rooms know how you feel.

Something to Remember

Playing for free is playing for fun. Remember to keep focused, don’t get too worked out and enjoy yourself!

Author: Cliff Spiller
Copyright: 2022

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