Tony Sinishtaj Takes Down Wynn Millions Main Event For $1,655,952

Tony Sinishtaj helped himself to a colossal payout worth $1,665,952 after taking down the 2022 edition of the Wynn Millions Main Event.

Tony Sinishtaj is on cloud nine right now thanks to almost doubling his live poker lifetime winnings. The New Yorker outlasted 1,074 opponents in the $10,300 buy-in $10 million guaranteed Wynn Millions Main Event, and walked away with a massive $1,655,952.

Sinishtaj had $1,765,042 in winnings before this tournament. Some $661,283 stemmed from his victory in the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown in 2017. He now has a seven-figure haul to his name, and another trophy.

Plenty of household names finished in the top 116 places and saw a return on their investment. The likes of JC Tran, Faraz Jaka, Nick Schulman, Sam Soverel, Shannon Shorr, and defending champion Andrew Moreno all cashed.

Kade Leads Final Table; Sinishtaj Fourth

The nine finalists guaranteed themselves $171,280 for their efforts but nobody wanted that sum with more than $1.6 million awaiting the winner. Vanessa Kade went into the nine-handed final table with the chip lead, with Sinishtaj fourth.

Neng Lee was the final table’s first casualty. Sinishtaj opened to 180,000 (three-times the big blind) from late position before calling Lee’s 300,000 all-in bet. Sinishtaj showed Ah-Kd, and Lee the Tc-Ts. A 4h-4d-Ac-Qh-8c board busted Lee.

Sean Perry followed suit on the very next hand. He min-raised to 120,000 with 9s-9h, Isaac Kempton three-bet to 360,000 with Ks-Kc and called when Perry four-bet shoved. The Kd-6c-6s-8d-Qd board was of no help for Perry, and he collected $202,908.

Seventh-place and $244,541 went to Roland Shen. He essentially open-shoved for 14.5 big blinds, but left himself a single 100,000 big blind behind, with Ks-Jh. Michael Stembera called with 9d-9s, and Shen got his last chip in on a 3c-4h-9h flop. The 5d and Jd completed the run-out and confirmed Shen’s demise.

Sinishtaj claimed the tournament life of Tony Tran in sixth-place, a finish worth $304,161. Stembera opened to 250,000, Tran jammed for 2,200,000, only for Sinishtaj to come over the top, which folded out Stembera. Tran held 6h-6d but was in bad shape against the Kh-Kd of Sinishtaj. The Qh-Tc-2c-Qd-8d board provided to drama, and Tran busted.

Three More Exits To Become a Millionaire

Winning your coinflips often results in winning tournaments, which is why Stembera finished fifth for $390,053. Stembera opened to 260,000 with Ah-Kh, Sinishtaj three-bet to 700,000 and called when Stembera moved all-in for 4,100,000. Stembera was against Jh-Jd and lost the flop despite flopping an ace because the five community cards fell Ad-Qh-8d-Jc-Ac.

Kade’s impressive run ended in fourth place, which banked the Canadian $527,481. Sinishtaj limped in from the small blind and called Kade’s 700,000 raise. He check-called a 600,000 bet on the 3s-2c-Ks flop before leading for 1,700,000 on the Qs turn; Kade called. The Qd river saw the champion-elect move all-in. Kade tanked before calling off her 6,100,000 stack. She turned over Ad-Ah but her opponent held 6s-5s which improved to a flush.

Heads-up was set when the short-stacked Alex Livingston crashed out. Livingston was all-in with Kd-Js against the dominating Ac-Kc of Sinishtaj. The Ts-Tc-Th-8d-Qd board resigned Livingston to a $745,479 payday.

Both heads-up players were no millionaires in addition to having the exact same number of chips. No deal was struck despite this and a difference of more than half a million dollars in the payouts.

The one-on-one battle was short-lived. It ended when Kempton opened, Sinishtaj made it 2,300,000 only for Kempton to make it 5,600,000, which was called. The eventual winner check-called a 2,800,000 bet on the 6c-7d-7s flop and a 4,200,000 bet on the 6d turn. He checked again on the Ks river. Kempton moved all-in, and Sinishtaj snap-called. He flipped over Ad-Ah which crushed the Jh-Jc of his opponent. The runner-up banked $1,093,314 with the champion scooping $1,655,952.

2022 Wynn Millions Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Tony Sinishtaj United States $1,655,952
2 Isaac Kempton United States $1,093,314
3 Alex Livingston Canada $745,749
4 Vanessa Kade Canada $527,481
5 Michael Stembera United States $390,053
6 Tony Tran United States $304,161
7 Roland Shen United States $244,541
8 Sean Perry United States $202,908
9 Neng Lee United States $171,280

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