Best Time to Play Poker in USA

There does seem to be certain days of the week and times during the day that produce more softer games where you can increase your chances of winning. The days of the week with the most fish are the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, and also the 1st and 15th of each month. The days will vary of course on the 1st and 15th, but these are two popular days where people cash their work paycheck and head to their computer to play poker over the interent. Saturdays and Sundays are good days because you get more of the recreational poker players, not the pros that are making a living playing online poker throughout the weekdays.

Best & Worst Times to Play Poker

In regards to the time of day, nights usually provide the softest games especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Depending on what USA time zone you are in, 9:30pm to 1:30am seem to have the most fish. Again, it depends on your time zone so for example if you live in Florida and it’s 11pm eastern time, it’s only 8pm for those living in California which is pacific time. Once you start getting to 2am or later people tend to start calling you down to the river more often or start going all-in early in the action which starts making it more of a bingo type of game.

The main days and times to stay away from are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. These days and times have the least amount of fish since this is typically when people that are making a living off poker are playing. is a good reference for traffic size amounts at online poker sites.

Not as Important as it Once Was

Poker has quickly grown from a gritty pastime for middle aged men, and a social game played with family and friends for pocket change, to an international phenomenon. While there are several contributing factors to poker’s unprecedented spike in popularity, it would be hard to argue that any one factor had a greater contribution than the advancement of the internet poker. Many players around during the transition found great riches, taking advantage of the plethora of soft poker sites that accept the US, while many others were left with bad beat stories, or regrets about shot taking opportunities missed or of not learning poker sooner. If you were around during this time, you might recall the many discussions held on poker forums about “when is the best time of day to play online poker in the US”.?

You see, during the US poker boom, let’s say 2002-2005 to give it a time frame, moving from site to site, depending what time of the day you were playing, was almost as vital of a poker strategy as using databases (i.e. PokerScope and Poker Table Rankings) is today. Back then the US poker sites were considered soft during nights and weekend hours and tougher during standard US working hours. In order to get on a somewhat normal schedule, and to find softer games, most poker players would head to Cryptologic networked sites where we could play in Euros or GBP against “Euro Fish” during US afternoon hours.

These days the strategy of moving from site to site depending on the time of the day is no longer a viable option, and even if it was an option it might not even be advisable. This strategy once worked because US players were allowed to play on European sites, which we no longer are allowed to do, and because while the US poker boom was approaching its peak the Euro poker boom was just getting started. During this era “Euro Fish” might as well appeared in poker glossaries as a term, because its use was common and most of us believed the majority of European players were in fact fish. Of course now the online poker boom has reached or is approaching its peak in many European countries, and the sites are no longer as fishy as they once were.

No matter what time of day you play, wishes you the best of luck at the virtual poker tables.


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