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Paulius Plausinaitis Banks $1.23M and a WSOPC Ring

Matthew Pitt | January 17, 2021

Poker pro Paulis Plausinaitis is a WSOP Circuit ring winner. The Lithuanian came out on top in the GGPoker WSOP Winter Online Circuit Main Event to bank an incredible prize worth $1,236,361. This is by far the biggest score of Plausinaitis’ career to-date, which is unsurprising considering its size. He...

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Your Mental Game Is As Important As Your Poker Skills

Matthew Pitt | January 17, 2021

Many poker players spend countless hours developing their skills by neglect their mental game. The best poker players in the world have the strongest mental game; they don’t overlook this crucial aspect. Being mentally tough is vital to success in many walks of life. Professional sports people need to be...

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The Top Five Poker Players From Idaho

Matthew Pitt | January 13, 2021

Idaho is known as the Gem State and there are a few poker diamonds who hail from the state. Idaho borders six other states which could be why its best poker players are great at a number of different variants. The five biggest live poker tournament winners from Idaho have...

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Plausinaitis Leads WSOPC $1,700 Main Event Final Table

Matthew Pitt | January 11, 2021

Paulis Plausinaitis is on course to bank more than $1.2 million in the WSOPC $1,700 Main Event. The tournament is running online at GGPoker and the final table is set. Lithuania’s Plausinaitis bagged up 76,004,224 chips at the end of Day 2 almost 22 million more than Artem “Amsterq” Prostak....

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Darren Elias Bags $450K Score Online in Week 1

Matthew Pitt | January 8, 2021

Darren Elias got 2021 off to a flying start by helping himself to a massive $448,842 prize this week. Elias took down the $10,300 buy-in Super MILLION$ at GGPoker for one of the biggest scores of his career. The 34-year-old hails from Philadelphia but played this online poker tournament from...

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Are You Three-Betting Enough?

Matthew Pitt | January 7, 2021

Three-betting is one of the components of being an aggressive poker player. Not aggressive in the sense of shouting and screaming at your opponents, but in your betting actions in the table. Those players who control and apply aggression tend to be winning players. The question is: are you three...

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Who Are The Five Biggest Poker Winners From Oklahoma?

Matthew Pitt | January 5, 2021

The state of Oklahoma may be best known for its NBA franchise Oklahoma City Thunder but it also has a serious pedigree when it comes to poker players. The five biggest live poker tournament players from Oklahoma have almost $22.3 million in winnings between them. They have nine World Series...

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Huck Seed Inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame

Matthew Pitt | January 2, 2021

Huckleberry Seed, better known by the abbreviated Huck, is the latest Poker Hall of Fame inductee. Seed received more than 25% of the vote to become the 59th inductee. The open-nomination process was whittled to 10 candidates and the living members of the Poker Hall of Fame cast their votes...

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The Five Biggest Winning Poker Players From Colorado

Matthew Pitt | December 30, 2020

Colorado is the home to dozens of natural attractions. The state is the home to the world’s largest flat-top mountain and the world’s deepest hot springs. Colorado is famous for producing some amazing poker players too. The state’s five biggest tournament winners have just shy of $49.9 million in winnings...

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Risking It All With a Triple Barrel Bluff

Matthew Pitt | December 26, 2020

There are few moves in poker as exciting as a triple barrel bluff. It is also known as emptying the clip and is a powerful yet risky move. Your blood will pump furiously around your body when you attempt this play. You either take down a pot you weren’t entitled...

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