What Poker Sites Are Legit These Days?

Caution sign alerting poker players that scams still existThis is a two part article, firstly covering online poker then secondly examining what sportsbooks are legit. I recommend www.IgnitionPoker.eu (previously known as Bovada) for poker and Bovada.lv for sports betting, and so does everybody else who isn’t paid off. If you only consider a legit site, one run by state or Federal licenses then you must by physically located in Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. For those that live there the WSOP, PokerStars and Borgata are the most active in the 4 licensed states.

I didn’t just pull these sites from nowhere, I’ve been in the gambling business for over 10 years now.  I’ve seen and dealt with all sorts of millionaire and billionaire scum bags; people that should be on the TV show “American Greed”.  The only legit poker sites I suggest are mentioned on my homepage or on the ‘safe list‘.  You’ll notice the list is pretty darn short, and I’ve dealt with approximately 45-60 gambling sites.  If you consider a non rigged-legit poker site to be one run from the United States then you will have to be physically located in Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, or Pennsylvania to be able to play.

But Aren’t U.S. Licensed Sites Legit?
Absolutely not.  In fact, in total I’ve had $147,116 stolen from me by the U.S. government.  The money was not taken from the offshore poker sites but THE U.S. GOVERNMENT!  The process of legalized poker in the U.S. was a complete scam.  They attempted to shut down every online poker site that was running for US customers simply because they wanted zero (0) competition as they launched their own poker sites.

Let me ask you this.  How is it that the Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC) which has nothing to do with online poker was the first to open up an online poker room in Nevada?  How is it that poker sites like Bet365, Paddy Power, Everest Poker which are traded on the London Stock Exchange and have market value in the billions of dollars were not given priority in the immediate launch of poker in the US?  They never accepted US customers, adhered to all laws both domestic and international – yet the UFC gets the first poker license in Nevada.  Not only that but the operations at “Ultimate Poker”, UFC’s poker site was light years behind any poker site based offshore that is legit.  This is governmental corruption at its finest. Did I mention UltimatePoker went out of business because they didn’t know how to operate a poker site?

So What Do I Recommend?

Politicians taking money from poker players due to regulationsMy buddies ask me all the time about this because it’s my job and one of the sites I most often recommend is Ignition Poker (previously known as Bovada). Having met the owner personally, he is an honest person and puts himself in the public spotlight when others hide under rocks. His previous ownership, now owned by Morris Mohawk is probably worth about 1-2 billion USD and in a closed meeting he discussed how if anything ever went bad, he would personally make sure all his players and employees got paid from his own checkbook. On top of that the site has the most player traffic going by PokerScout and has an Alexa rank of 9,730. For a comparison, HBO has about a 4,600 Alexa rank which means millions of people use it. Most sites are in the million number ranks – which is terrible.

If you are in Nevada, New Jersey or Delaware the answer might be different in 3 or 4 years from now as the WSOP grows its player base.  The WSOP is now forced to be legitimate and all licensed poker sites in the U.S. look like the saviors of safe poker sites, but in reality just remember it was the United States that seized funds, shut down poker sites, and dismantled a perfectly well run market.  If the government had not stepped in we would still be playing at Party Poker and making money would be just as easy as it was all those years ago.  You can thank the weak and greedy politicians for ruining poker, and in my belief, ruining the United States of America in years to come.

Be Careful of Scamming Affiliates
I could go on for hours about how people to this day are crummy affiliates who are touting poker sites to play. They are getting large up-front chunks of cash in the $100,000+ range to mention their poker rooms because they rank high for popular terms in Google and Yahoo by using spammy search engine optimization techniques over and over again to maintain rankings and visitors.  I have email chains proving certain companies insolvency and forthcoming bankruptcy, yet they continue to operate. The most recent mass scale offenders were Lock Poker. This was one of the longest running scams that got no attention from any U.S. law enforcement “protection” agencies.

With that said, I continue to monitor legit sites here and I am pretty straight forward so I hope this article has helped! For what it’s worth, I do not believe any poker sites are ‘rigged’ but cheating and collusion goes on regularly and will never stop. It’s better just to play for small amounts of money you don’t mind losing one way or the other.

Author: Savanah Lavinder
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