Your Guide on How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em, or more commonly known as ‘Holdem’, is the most popular online poker game that can be played. The game gives players two private cards and three community cards. The goal is to make the best hand. There is no exchanging in Texas Hold’em, so you’ve got to work with the hand you’ve been dealt.

Poker Rooms with Texas Hold’em


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Supplies You Need to Play

If you’re playing with other people live, you’ll need a dealer, cards and betting chips. If you’ve decided to play online or on mobile, you need an internet connection/data and a device to play on.

How to Play the Game

Each player will be dealt two cards face down. Each player is to look at their cards and then decide whether they will call the big blind, raise, or fold. This is known as the pre-flop bet. The dealer will then take the top card and put it to the side or “burn it”, and show the flop.

Next, the players will bet again, or they can check. Once all the players have made their choices, the dealer will burn another card and show the turn card.

Again, the players will bet or check, dealer will burn a card and finally, show the turn. The final round of betting follows the same format as the previous rounds.

To finish, we have the showdown. This is when all players show their cards and the best hand wins.

Texas Hold’em is easy to learn at its core, but we need to remember there are different versions of the game.


Variants of the Game

There are four different variants of Texas Hold’em that can be played online and live.

No-Limit Texas Hold’em No-limit is not recommended for beginners as it’s more aggressive and carries higher stakes.


You can bet whatever you want, and remember the minimum bet is usually the same size as the big blind.

Limit Texas Hold’em Bets and/or raises are the same size as the big blind for the pre-flop and on the flop.


Bets and/or raises are the same size as are double the big blind on the turn or river.

Mixed Texas Hold’em Mixed just switches back and forth between limit and no-limit hold’em.


Bets and raises match each game type.

Pot Limit Texas Hold’em Minimum bets are the size of the big blind, however, bets are limited to this size of the pot (e.g., if the pot is $100, the maximum bet that can be placed is $100).


As well, there is a minimum raise amount, and that will be dependent on where you’re playing.

You need to make sure you double check which variation you are playing and understand how it works so you don’t get yourself into a mess.

Hand Rankings

The following are the Texas Hold’em hand rankings:

Ranking Hand Description
#1 Royal Flush A straight from 10 to Ace, all of the same suit.
#2 Straight Flush Any cards in consecutive order that are all of the same suit.
#3 Four of a Kind Four of the same card.
#4 Full House One pair and three of the same card.
#5 Flush All cards are the same suit.
#6 Straight Cards are in consecutive order.
#7 Three of a Kind Three of the same card.
#8 Two Pairs One pair of one card and one pair of another card.
#9 Pair Two of the same card.
#10 High Card The highest card at the table.

Strategies and Things to Remember

The most important strategy and thing to remember when it comes to any poker game is to play responsibly. Know what your limit is, keep a budget, do not bet emotionally, and make sure to keep your wits about you.

Secondly, learning how to play Texas Hold’em is easy; mastering the game is an entirely different ballpark and takes time and practice. Anyone can become an expert with the right motivation and dedication to understanding and playing this game. Good things take time, be patient, you’ll get it!

The last important thing to remember, folding is not the same thing as losing. When you fold, you only show that you understand the game and how to play it within your limit, especially if you’re playing for real money online.

Learn more about betting in poker, including when to an not to commit more chips

Community Terms

Small blind: Usually half the size of the big blind, the small blind is placed by the player sitting to the left of the dealer.

Big Blind: Usually the minimum bet, the big blind is placed by the player to the left of that who played the small blind.

Check: A pass on betting, but still in the game if others decide to check as well (note: if just one player wants to raise, it goes back around the table for those to call, raise or fold).

Call: Matching the amount that’s already been bet during that betting round.

Community Cards: Dealt face up, these cards are seen and shared by everyone at the table.

Pre-Flop: Once the players have been dealt their face down cards, but community cards have not been shown yet.

 Flop: The first three community cards to be shown.

Turn: The fourth community card to be shown.

River: The final community card shown.

A Fun Game for Everyone

There’s a reason Texas Hold’em is one of the infamous online poker games and with the information provided here, you can confidently play and experience the thrill first hand (no pun intended). Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the worst hand in Texas Hold'em?
The worst hand a player can have in Texas Hold’em is a 3 and a 2 of different suits. It is suggested that if dealt this hand, to fold at the first opportunity.
Why play Texas Hold’em over other poker games?
Texas Hold’em is the most popular game, so it’s good to know how to play it if you plan on frequenting casino/poker circles. It’s fun, fast-paced and exciting, keeping players always on the edge of their seats.
Is it against the law to play Texas Hold’em online in the United States?
It is not illegal to this game online in the United States. No one individual has ever been prosecuted for playing for Texas Hold’em on the internet.
What are the cards in the middle of the table?
The cards are face up in the middle of the table because they are community cards. They are shared by everyone – the two cards dealt should be kept to the player that’s holding them until showdown.


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