Loosest (Fishiest) US Accepted Poker Sites

Fishiest Poker SitesYears ago in an episode of ESPN’s Tilt, the character Eddie Towne opens with a monologue:

If you’re the eighth most skilled player in the world, you can’t win if you’re playing against the seven best in the world.

Of course this might not be true 100% of the time. In poker, beginners luck, streaks or if you don’t believe in such things, “variance” is a factor. Perhaps what makes poker such a great game is that every fish has a chance to win a session or two, but over the long haul, such as the end of the month or the end of the year, it is the most skilled players who win the most money.

In this article we’ll cover the softest US friendly poker sites, because no matter if you’re a winning player, losing player, multi table grinding pro or an average Joe blowing off steam, your experience at the online poker sites will be much more pleasurable when you’re beating up on fish.

Sportsbooks Offer the Loosest/Fishiest Poker Games

Since the inception of online poker, it has always been true that brands whose primary product is sports betting end up with the softest poker games. IgnitionPoker.eu, previously known as Bovada/Bodog (its parent worldwide brand) is the perfect example of this; their sports betting site launched in 1995, followed by a casino in 1999.

They launched several other brands before their poker site came about such as Bodog Girls in 2002, and an entertainment and news site in 2004 called Bodog Beat. It wasn’t until very late 2004 that Bodog Poker came about. By this time their brand was well known throughout the sports betting and online casino industries, and they had a loyal fan base browsing sexy pics from photo-shoots or reading news on their entertainment sites.

It didn’t take long for this new online poker room to fill up with players, but it wasn’t internet wiz-kids or gritty middle-aged career rounders flocking to Bodog/Bovada/Ignition Poker; it was gamblers! Some of these gamblers were pure action junkies looking to get even after the last sports game of the night was played out, or when blackjack didn’t go their way, while others were recreational gamblers who enjoyed a little action on the side and where both happy when they won and didn’t care so much when they lost. Most importantly, they have limited to no poker experience or skill.

Bovada, now known as Ignition, is still one of the softest sites in online poker. However, one of their primary competitors Betonline.ag (review) offers games just as soft. The bottom line: if you’re looking for the loosest/fishiest US accepted poker sites, look first at companies who’s primary product is sports betting. Generally speaking, gamblers who play casino games and bet sports are both weaker poker players and also players more likely to go on tilt.

Finding Soft Games at other US Poker Sites

Due to their large poker bonus offers and higher player volumes, some players are willing to sacrifice a little on game softness and turn to the big poker site brands such as PokerStars.com and Full Tilt for their online poker action (they don’t accept the USA anymore other than those living in New Jersey, try sites mentioned above). This is entirely understandable, as wait times for games are greater at the smaller sites, since the bonus does add up at higher traffic sites.

What we’ll warn you about when playing these games is that even if you’re the eighth most skilled player in poker history, if a couple or more of those seven that are better than you land on your table, you’re suddenly an underdog in that game. Of course on top of this, the larger edge you have on your opponents, the more money you’re going to make so it is important to find the fishiest games possible. Thankfully, in the modern online poker era there are ways to easily find the softest games.

Average Pot & Flop %Clues about how fishy a certain online poker table is can be found from the hosting poker site’s lobby. At the lobby you have access to data such as average percentage of players viewing the flop, hands per hour, average pot size, etc. If you find a table with a large view flop % and a decent average pot size and hands per hour you’ll know this is a fish fest with lots of pre-flop all ins.

A situation like we just mentioned is ideal for a well bankrolled player, but some prefer to avoid these style of games (known as flipaments) due to their higher variance. If you’re one who likes to do the same, avoid flipamenents, you might look for a game with a large view flop percentage, moderate pot size and lower than average hands per hour. Here you’ll know you’re in a passive game without much pre-flop aggression, and it will be easier to get into a lot of pots and then out play your opponents.

Once you’ve spotted a game you’d like to play based on the lobby stats, you’ll still need to determine who are the fish and who are the better players in that game. This is something you could figure out by jumping straight into the game and playing tight the first few orbits, or by watching the table for awhile first. There is also an option poker players didn’t have in the past; this option is to do database searches on each player. For example, a lot of information can be found about your opponents by entering their names at sharkscope.com. If you’re not familiar with that site, it is a must see.

The final tip we’ll leave you with is not to stay in a game you can’t beat. A lot of players are stubborn and use words and terms such as “stuck”, “get even”, etc., and with pride on the line they have trouble leaving a game down. This is a major leak, as poker is a life long session and the results on one day, one week or even one month mean little in the grand scheme of things. So if you find yourself struggling in a game, no matter how much they might seem like fish, take a break, walk it off and avoid tilt, as this is what winning players do when faced with such a predicament.

No matter which US poker site you choose, we wish you the best of luck at the virtual poker tables.

Author: Savanah Lavinder
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