A Simple Guide to Becoming a Stud Poker Expert

There are different versions of stud poker, however, the general idea is that players are dealt a certain number of cards face up and face down, with multiple betting rounds. The goal of most stud games is best hand wins, however, there are variations where low card wins.


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Supplies You Need to Play

With the development of technology, it’s easy to play poker online. You just need a mobile or computer/laptop and a connection to the internet or to data. Playing at home requires a deck of cards, betting chips and a dealer.


Hand Rankings

Ranking Hand Description Example Hand
#1 Royal Flush A straight from 10 to Ace, all the same suit. 5 Card Royal Flush
#2 Straight Flush Any cards in consecutive order that are all the same suit. 5 Card Straight Flush
#3 Four of a Kind Four of the same card. 5 Card Four of a Kind
#4 Full House One pair and three of the same card. 5 Card Full House
#5 Flush All cards are the same suit. 5 Card Flush
#6 Straight Cards are in consecutive order. 5 Card Straight
#7 Three of a Kind Three of the same card. 5 Card Three of a Kind
#8 Two Pairs One pair of one card and one pair of another card. 5 Card Two Pairs
#9 Pair Two of the same card. 5 Card Pair
#10 High Card None of the hands above, relying on the highest card in your hand. 5 Card High Card


Variants of Stud Poker

Five Card Stud: The earliest version of stud poker. Each player is dealt one card face down and one face up and the first betting round begins. After this round, the dealer will burn a card give all players their third card, face up. Another round of betting begins. The fourth card is then dealt to each player, also face up and the last betting round ensues. Finally, there is a showdown and the best hand wins!

Seven Card Stud: Each player is dealt two cards face down and one card face up. This is when the first round of betting will begin. Next, another three cards are dealt face up and the second round of betting begins. The last card is dealt face down and the last betting round takes place. The best poker hand wins the pot.

Six Card Stud: The same as seven card stud, with the last round removed.

Razz: In this game, the lowest hand wins the pot, not the highest hand. Versions of the rules differ depending on where you play.

High-Low Stud: In this variant, the players with the highest and lowest hands win the pot, as long as the lower hand is an 8 or lower.

Caribbean Stud: Players will ante up and be dealt five cards face down and one dealer card will be face up. Players can look at their own cards but not share what they are. From here, you must raise or fold. The dealer will then turn the other four cards. The dealer must have at least an Ace and a King to stay in the game. If the dealer cannot stay in the game, players will win even money on the ante wager. The raise will push.

If the dealer does qualify and wins, then players lose the ante and the raise. If the dealer qualifies and loses, the ante will pay even and the raise will pay out depending on the pay table. If there is a tie between dealer and player, both the ante and the raise will push.

This is one of the more complex variations of stud poker.

Community Terms

Stud Poker: Poker in which each player is dealt the first card face down and the other four cards face up with a round of betting taking place after each of the last four rounds of dealing.

Stud Games: A variation of different games where players get a mix of cards face up and face down. Rules and winning hands differ based on which variation is being played.

Third Street: The first round of betting.

Fourth Street: The second round of betting.

Fifth Street: The third round of betting.

Sixth Street: The fourth up card and the fourth round of betting.

Seventh Street: The final round of betting.


more chips


Don’t be a Dud, Play Some Stud

Stud poker is fun and easy to learn and follow. Variations differ from shorter to longer versions of the game, so there is a version of stud for everyone. Remember, it’s great to start playing for free to get a feel for the game, and once you’re betting real money, know when to bet and when to fold.

Level Up Your Game

So, you’ve become a pro playing stud poker and want a new challenge – become a professional at another one of our favourite poker games to play.

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