Andrew Moreno Wins Wynn Millions For $1.46M

Andrew Moreno wins the Wynn Millions for $1.46 million

Andrew Moreno set himself two poker-related goals in April. Moreno wanted to break through the $1 million barrier for career earnings and enjoy a seven-figure prize that he had chased for so long.

He achieved the first last month when he won a $1,100 buy-in event at the Venetian, Las Vegas, for $127,740. Moreno chalked off number two in spectacular style by besting a 1,328-strong field in the inaugural Wynn Millions for $1,460,106.

Moreno sat down at the final table seventh in chips but doubled with Ks-Kc versus the Qc-7s of Clayton Maguire. The timely double, on the 30th hand of the final table, gave him more room to manoeuvrer.

Everyone jumped up a payout when Lion Yiming Lee crashed out in ninth. Julian Milliard-Feral opened to 425,000 from early position, Salim Admon called in the cutoff and Lee three-bet all-in for 2,475,000. Milliard-Feral called, and Admon folded. It was Kc-Qs for Lee and 7h-7s for Milliard-Feral. A final board reading 7s-Ad-6h-6d-8d sent Lee to the showers.

The experienced Joe Kuether busted in eighth for $240,302. Kuether committed his last six big blinds from the small blind with Qc-4h. Jaime Cervantes called with Ac-7h, which held despite a dramatic 9h-Js-Th-2c-As board.

Moreno Locks Up Career-Best Score; Hunts For a Million

Kuether’s exit locked up a career-best score for Moreno, but he wanted more. He got his wish when British pro Toby Lewis dispatched Cervantes in seventh. Lewis opened to 500,000 with As-Kh, Cervantes responded with a 1,325,000 bet with Qd-Qs. Lewis four-bet jammed, and Cervantes called of the 5,000,000 chips he had behind. Cervantes fell behind on the Ks-7s-Ad flop and failed to connect with the 2h turn or 4d river.

Lewis sent Philip Shing home in sixth place with $360,140 to show for his efforts. Lewis open-shoved from the small blind with Kd-8h, Shing called off his last eight big blinds with Jc-9c, and the five community cards fell 6s-4s-3s-4c-7s.

Fifth place and $456,629 went to Milliard-Feral during the 150,000/300,000/150,000a level. Milliard-Feral ripped in his 4,550,000 stack with Ac-Qh, and Lewis called with Ts-Tc. The Frenchman busted when the board ran 3h-5h-6c-4c-8h.

Moreno improved his position when he sent Admon to the rail. Moreno min-raised with Qs-Qh before snap-calling when Admon three-bet all-in with 9h-9d. A 5s-7c-4c-Qc-Js board was no help to Admon, and he banked $619,160.

Final Three Players Strike a Deal

The final three players played out a couple of hands before pausing the clock and striking a deal. The deal guaranteed the trio a seven-figure prize, with $100,907 more for the runner-up and $313,000 for the champion.

Lewis bowed out in third place, a finish good for $1,235,204; a career-best for the Brit. Lewis jammed for 30 big blinds with 3c-3d, and Maguire called with Ah-Kc. Maguire’s ace-king improved to the best hand on the river of the 9s-7d-Tc-Td-Ks board.

That hand gave Maguire a 30,145,000 to 22,975,000 chip lead over Moreno. Moreno ran an audacious triple-barrel bluff, and it seemed to tip the battle in his favor.

The 215th hand of the final table was the last one of the night. Maguire moved all-in for 5,500,000 (18 big blinds) with Ac-Kc, and Moreno called with As-Qs. Both players improved to a pair on the Ks-5s-Qd flop. The Qh turn improved Moreno to trip queens, and the 8d river sealed the deal. Maguire walked away with $1,443,757 while Moreno collected $1,460,106 and the winner’s trophy.

2021 Wynn Millions Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Andrew Moreno United States $1,460,106*
2 Clayton Maguire United States $1,443,757*
3 Toby Lewis United Kingdom $1,235,204*
4 Salim Admon United States $619,160
5 Julian Milliard-Feral France $456,629
6 Philip Shing United States $360,140
7 Jaime Cervantes United States $289,361
8 Joe Kuether United States $240,302
9 Lion Yiming Lee United States $202,765

*reflects a three-handed deal

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