Sweden’s WhatIfGod Wins EPT Online Main Event For $1,019,082

Sweden's WhatIfGod won the 2020 EPT Online Main Event for almost $1.1 million

The inaugural PokerStars EPT Online festival is done and dusted after the Main Event crowned its champion. Sweden’s “WhatIfGod” is that champion after he outlasted 1,303 opponents and banked $1,019,082.

Only 159 of the 1,304 starters received a slice of the $6,520,000 prize pool. Mike “SirWatts” Watson, Andras “probirs” Nemeth, Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph and American Mike “munchenHB” Telker cashed in the event.

Greece’s “PANIC.PLAYER” busted in 10th place to set the final table.

WhatIfGod sat down at the final table second in chips with a stack of 99 big blinds. This meant WhatIfGod would win at least $78,797 but was likely to bank something even larger.

Kazakhstan’s “vip25459” crashed out in ninth place after a clash with Jon “apestyles” Van Fleet. Van Fleet opened to 1,260,000 from the cutoff and called when vip25459 three-bet all-in for 14,147,912. Van Fleet showed As-Ah which crushed the Kd-Jd of vip25459.

WhatIfGod Guaranteed a Six-Figure Score

The last five-figure prize went to Van Fleet who lost a coinflip with Viacheslav “VbV1990” Buldygin. Van fleet opened to 1,560,000, Buldygun three-bet to 7,200,000 before Van Fleet jammed for 35,226,334. Buldygin snap-called, showed Js-Jd and Van Fleet revealed As-Kd. The board ran 3s-Qh-Qd-4d-Th to bust Van Fleet in eighth-place for $97,344.

Andreas “daskalo20” Christoforou looked set to double his stack in an all-in clash with David “MissOracle” Yan. It never happened because he endured a horrible bad beat. Christoforou’s Ad-As was up against Yan’s Ac-Kc. Yan flopped a king then turned the nut flush on the Ks-4c-9c-3c-Jd board. Game over for Christoforou.

Yan rode his luck again when he busted Brazil’s Enio “Bozzano JNR” Bozzano in sixth-place. Bozzano raised to 1,800,500 at the 450,000/900,000/112,500a level. Yan three-bet to 5,580,000 and called when Bozzano shoved for his last 11,869,500. It was Kd-Ks for Bozzano and Qh-Qd for Yan. A queen on the flop of the Ac-Qs-4s-6c-3s sent Bozzano to the showers.

WhatIfGod broke through the 100 million chip barrier by busting Buldygin. Buldygin open-shoved from the small blind for 30 big blinds with Ac-Js. WhatIfGod opted to call with 8d-8h from the big blind. The pot swelled to more than 101 million and went to the Swede when the five community cards fell 6d-5h-6s-7s-Kd.

Adams Soars Into a Significant Lead

Timothy “Tim0thee” Adams went about his business in his usual efficient manner before winning a large pot to soar into the lead.

Finnish pro “tikidiii” pushed all-in for 28,945,332, or 16 big blinds, with Js-Th. Adams called from one seat over and flipped over 8d-8c. The Qc-8h-4c gifted Adams a set and gave tikidiii an inside straight draw. The Tc turn and 9c river completed that straight, but Adams improved to a flush.

That hand resulted in Adams’ stack increasing to almost 165 million with WhatIfGod on 98 million.

Yan busted in third-place for $520,966. He limped in from the small blind with Th-Td. Adams raised to 34,000,000 and Yan called off his 32,735,613 stack. Adams showed Ac-4s and needed some help and boy did it arrive. The board read 4c-2h-Kc-7h-As by the river to eliminate Yan.

WhatIfGod got his hand on the title and the seven-figure top prize during the 1,000,000/2,000,000/250,000a level. Adams opened to 4,400,000 before WhatIfGod three-bet to 16,000,000. Adams called.

The flop came down Ah-6s-4h and WhatIfGod continued with an 8,000,000 bet. Adams called before the 8s landed on the turn. WhatIfGod check-called a 15,940,000 bet on the turn before checking again on the Ac river. Adams shoved for a shade under 98 million and was called. Adams revealed the As-9d and lost when WhatIfGod flipped over Ad-Tc.

The champion scooped the massive $1,019,082 top prize while Adams collected $728,633.

EPT Online Main Event Final table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 WhatIfGod Sweden $1,019,082
2 Timothy “Tim0thee” Adams Canada $728,633
3 David “MissOracle” Yan New Zealand $520,966
4 tikidiii Finland $372,485
5 Viacheslav “VbV1990” Buldygin Russia $266,323
6 Enio “Bozzano JNR” Bozzano Brazil $190,419
7 Andreas “daskalos20” Christiforou Cyprus $136,147
8 Jon “aplestyles” Van Fleet Canada $97,344
9 vip25459 Kazakhstan $78,797

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