Sean Perry Turns $25,000 into $365,500 at the Venetian

Sean Perry won a $25,000 High Roller for $365,500.

Sean Perry won the third and final High Roller event at the 2021 Venetian Deepstack Poker Series. Perry overcame a star-studded field of 43 entrants in the $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em event and banked $365,500.

These tournaments attract the very best poker players in the world, and this event was no different. The entry list read like a who’s who of the poker world; any of the entrants would have made a worthy champion.

Forty-three entrants, which included re-entries, resulted in a $1,075,000 prize pool that the top seven finishers shared.

Daniel Negreanu busted close to the money bubble. He lost all but 4.3 big blinds with pocket nines against Chris Brewer’s ace-four. The rest of Negreanu’s stack went into the middle with 6d-6s, and Brewer called with As-7d. An ace-high board sent Negreanu to the rail. Negreanu joked about breaking one of the plexiglass dividers before actually doing just that, much to the amusement of his rivals.

Perry In The Middle of the Pack at the Final Table

Vicent Bosca was the unfortunate soul who popped the all-important money bubble. The Spaniard got his stack into the middle with Ac-Js, and ran into the dominating As-Ks of Sam Soverel. A final board reading 2h-3s-6c-7h-6h saw Bosca bust in eighth.

A double-elimination followed Bosca’s exit, Sean Winter and Cary Katz crashing out during the same hand. Soverel opened to 60,000, Katz three-bet all-in for 440,000, and Winter called off his 290,000 chips. Soverel called, covering both players.

Winter’s Qs-Qh were ahead of Katz’s Th-Ts and Soverel’s Jc-Jd preflop. However, the 9c-6c-8c-Ad-Qc board gifted Soverel an unlikely club flush and a monster-sized pot.

Perry managed to duck out of the way of many major confrontations, seemingly content with laddering up the payouts.

Brewer’s timing was off in a hand against Bill Klein, and he fell in fifth place. Klein min-raised with Ks-Kc before calling when Brewer three-bet all-in with 4s-4c. Klein’s kings remained true and even spiked a set on the river for good measure.

Ali Imsirovic doubled through Perry but was still the next player heading into the Las Vegas night. Imsirovic committed his last nine big blinds with Jc-Jh after Klein opened the betting. Klein called with Ks-Th and proceeded to flop trips on a Ts-Tc-5c-As-3h board.

Three-Handed Play Ends With Soverel Scrapped

Three-handed play went on for some time before something finally gave. Florida’s Soverel open-shoved for a shade under 14 big blinds with Jc-8c. Klein looked him up with Ad-Td to put Soverel at risk. The 8d-6c-3h flop gifted Soverel the lead, but the Th turn left him trailing. The Qd river busted Soverel and sent the tournament into heads-up.

Klein held a 3,875,000 to 1,500,000 lead over Perry going into the one-on-one battle. Perry got the best of the early confrontations, yet Klein refused to give up the ghost.

The final hand saw Perry min-raise to 200,000, and Klein call. Klein check-called a 125,000 bet on the Js-Jc-2d flop, before check-calling a 275,000 bet on the 3h turn. The 8s completed the board and Klein checked again. Perry bet 875,000 and called when Klein check-raised all-in for 1,975,000. Perry flipped over Ac-Jd for trip jacks, and Klein mucked his hand.

$25,000 High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Sean Perry United States $365,500
2 Bill Klein United States $236,500
3 Sam Soverel United States $161,250
4 Ali Imsirovic Bosnia & Herzegovina $118,250
5 Chris Brewer United States $86,000
6 Cary Katz United States $64,500
7 Sean Winter United States $43,000

Perry walked away with $365,000 for his victory, must to the dismay of some of his fellow professionals. It is less than a month since Big One for One Drop winner Dan Colman accused Perry of a high-stakes Daily Fantasy Sports scam. Several prominent poker pros and gamblers chimed in stating Perry is a dodgy character. Of course, Perry, son of Ralph Perry, remained completely silent.

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