Imsirovic and Daniels Bag Venetian Deepstack Poker Series Titles

Ali Imsirovic won a High Roller title at the Venetian Deepstack Poker Series

The Venetian Deepstack Poker Series is running at the Venetian, Las Vegas, where a number of high roller events are scheduled. Two such events are done and dusted with Ali Imsirovic and Shawn Daniels bagging titles.

Venetian Deepstack Poker Series $10,000 High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Ali Imsirovic Bosnia & Herzegovina $200,200
2 Shawn Daniels United States $146,300
3 Kyung Min Lee South Korea $100,100
4 Shannon Shorr United States $77,000
5 Dan Shak United States $61,600
6 Sergi Reixach Spain $46,200
7 Randy Kass United States $38,500
8 Sam Soveral United States $30,800

Seventy-seven players bought into the first of the high rollers and only 11 places paid. Daniel Negreanu was the unfortunate soul who burst the money bubble. Negreanu jammed his last 155,000 chips (12.9 big blinds) into the middle with Jd-Th. Imsirovic Called with As-7s, and the board ran Jh-Ac-3s-5h-Ks.

Dylan Linde, Chris Brewer, and John Morgan cashed but fell short of the eight-handed final table. They each received $23,100.

Sam Soverel busted in eighth for $30,800 before Randy Kass crashed out in seventh for a $38,500 score.

Sixth place and $46,200 went to Spain’s Sergi Reixach. He three-bet shoved with Ad-Qh only to run into Imsirovic’s As-Ks. The ace-king head as the five community cards fell 3h-3d-2h-7c-8s.

Dan Shak was the next to bust from the Venetian Deepstack Poker Series High Roller. Shak was all-in with Tx-8x and up against the 9x-9x of Shannon Shorr and the Ac-Kd of Daniels. Daniels improved to a straight on the 5x-4x-3x-2x-8x board.

Imsirovic Leads Three-Handed in Venetian Deepstack Poker Series High Roller

Shorr never recovered from Shak’s elimination hand and was the next player out of the door. Shorr tank-called with Ad-Qh after Imsirovic shoved the river of the 8h-5h-2s-8d-7h board. Imsirovic showed 5c-5d for a full house, which handed him the chip lead.

South Korea’s Kyung Min Lee committed his last eight big blinds with Th-9h. Imsirovic looked him up with Ac-3d, which held to send the tournament into heads-up.

Daniels held a 4,200,000 to 3,500,000 chip lead over Imsirovic but everything went the way of the latter. The final hand saw Daniels rip it in for 1,515,000 (19 big blinds) with Kh-5d, and Imsirovic call with 7d-7h. The board fell 6h-Qc-Tc-Ah-Td for an Imsirovic victory.

Daniels Makes Up For Runner-Up Finish With Outright Victory

Daniels collected $146,200 for his second-place finish in the first High Roller event, but he was disappointed not to win. He made up for that in the second $10,000 High Roller, padding his bankroll with $175,500 and a victory.

A smaller crowd of 65 players bought into this second high roller, although it was an extremely tough field. Manig Loeser burst the money bubble, running Jh-6c into the Ad-Js of Vicent Bosca.

John Riordan and Sean Winter were the first players to bust inside the money places.

Shannon Shorr crashed out in eighth and banked $26,000. Seth Davies pushed all-in with 9c-9s only to run into the Kc-Kh of Cary Katz. That result netted Davies $32,500.

Daniels then sent Bosca to the showers with 4s-3s versus Qh-9c courtesy of an 8c-6h-2s-As-5c board.

Poker Central founder Katz ran out of luck in fifth-place, a finish worth $52,000. Katz three-bet all-in for nine big blinds with 6d-6h and lost the flip against Reixach’s Ac-9h.

John Morgan played a myriad of draws fast but fell by the wayside when they all missed. Morgan got his stack into the middle with 6d-5d on an 8h-Jd-9d flop. Daniels called with Jc-Tc and held as the turn and river came Qh and Js.

The dangerous Chris Brewer bowed out in third, again, at the hands of Daniels. Reixach locked horns with Daniels heads-up trailing 1,650,000 to 4,850,000 chips. Reixach clawed his way back level and even claimed the lead at one stage, but Daniels won the pots that mattered.

The final hand saw Daniels jam with Kd-8s and Reixach call off his short-stack with Qd-5c. A final board of Kh-As-Qs-Js-7h won the pot and the tournament for Daniels.

Venetian High Roller Event #2$10,000 High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Shawn Daniels United States $175,500
2 Sergi Reixach Spain $130,000
3 Chris Brewer United States $84,500
4 John Morgan United States $65,000
5 Cary Katz United States $52,000
6 Vicent Bosca Spain $39,000
7 Seth Davies United States $32,500
8 Shannon Shorr United States $26,000

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