Petrone Shines in Latest MILLIONS Online; Wins $859K

Argentinian poker pro Ramiro Petrone boosted his lifetime winnings to $12 million by winning the MILLIONS Online for $859,018.

Ramiro Petrone signed off 2021 in style after helping himself to an $859,018 score. Petrone was the last man standing in the latest edition of the $5,300 buy-in MILLIONS Online event.

The $5,300 buy-in tournament came with a $5 million guaranteed prize pool. However, it paid $5,205,000 to the top 156 finishers thanks to 1,041 players buying in. Dozens of the world’s best players padded their bankrolls with scores of at least $10,652.

Joni Jouhkimainen, Dario Sammartino, Yuri Dzivielevski, Ali Imsirovic, and Niklas Astedt were among the in-the-money finishers. A cool $69,767 was the least any of the nine finalists took home, and what a bunch of finalists they were.

Petrone sat down second in chips at the final table, trailing only Sebastian Sikorski. Hungarian superstar Andras Nemeth was fourth in chips, but busted in ninth place. Sikorski min-raised to 5,000,000, Nemeth three-bet all-in for 45,126,166 with Ah-Jd, only for Petrone to four-bet jam for 85,232,264 with Th-Tc. Sikorski folded, the board ran Js-8d-7c-4c-9s, and Nemeth bowed out.

Igor Dursel joined Nemeth on the rail; he also bust with ace-jack. Dursel open-shoved for 41,900,288 with Ah-Jc, and ran into Steven Van Zadelhoff’s dominating Ac-Kh. The ace-king held on a 3h-5c-6d-2h-Qd run-out.

Petrone and Company Guaranteed Six Figures

Dursel’s eighth-place finish weighed in at $88,326. The least any of the survivors could now win was $111,313. Orpen Kisacikoglu collected his sum when he called off his last ten big blinds with Qd-9d after Juan Pardo Dominguez set him all-in with 3s-3d. The five community cards fell Kc-2h-6h-5c-8d.

A huge hand took the tournament life of Fabio Luongo. Van Zadelhoff made it 6,600,000 to go, Sikorski called with As-Qc, and Luongo squeezed all-in with Ad-Jd for 96,086,270. Van Zadelhoff folded, but Sikorski called. Luongo busted courtesy of the Th-9s-4c-7c-7h board.

The final five became four when British grinder Christopher Brice dusted off his stack. Brice opened to 7,700,000 from the cutoff at the 1,750,000/3,500,000/437,500a level. Petrone three-bet to 19,250,000 from the button, and called when Brice ripped it in for 117,347,002. Brice turned over 4d-4h, but Petrone held As-Ad. The 6s-Qc-Kh-2d-Jc run-out ended Brice’s participation.

Malta-based Dutchman Van Zadelhoff crashed out in fourth after losing a coinflip. He open-shoved for 13 big blinds with 5c-5d, and Sikorski re-shoved with Kh-Qs. Sikorski improved to two pair on the Kd-4h-Th-9c-Qh river.

Dominguez Holds Large Heads-Up Chip Lead

Sikorski busted in third at the hands of Dominguez during the 3,000,000/6,000,000/750,000a level. Dominguez raised to 21,000,000 with Qs-Qc, and instantly called when Sikorski three-bet all-in for 205,979,492 with the lesser 6h-6c. The 3d-Jd-7c-4d-Ks board ran out with no drama; heads-up was set.

Dominguez held a large 693,022,885 to 347,977,115 over Petrone. However, the Argentinian clawed his way back level, before claiming a substantial lead for himself.

Peteon raised to 13,800,000 with 9d-8d on the final hand of the tournament. Dominguez called with Kc-Jc, and the flop fell 7d-6d-Jd. Dominguez check-called a 9,894,000 continuation bet on the flop. It was similar action on the 5h turn, with Petrone betting 36,000,000. The 3s river saw Dominguez check for the third time. Petrone moved all-in, and Dominguez called, only to discover his pair of jacks were nowhere near strong enough to win the hand.

Dominguez reeled in a score, while Petrone won $859,018. The victory takes Petrone’s online poker lifetime winnings past $12 million.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Ramiro Petrone Argentina $859,018
2 Juan Pardo Dominguez Andorra $591,687
3 Sebastian Sikorski Canada $406,792
4 Steven Van Zadelhoff Malta $265,987
5 Christopher Brice United Kingdom $182,436
6 Fabio Luongo Canada $141,030
7 Orpen Kisacikoglu Turkey $111,313
8 Igor Dursel United Kingdom $88,326
9 Andras Nemeth Hungary $69,767

Massive Prizes Await in the $10M Venom

American online poker players have the chance to win a similar score to Petrone thanks to a massive event running in January. America’s Cardroom hosts the $10 million guaranteed Venom tournament from January 21 through February 2. Be there or be square.

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