Moledaddy Wins NJSCOOP Main Event For $30,121

Check out our recap of the PokerStars NJSCOOP won by moledaddy for more than $30,000

The PokerStars NJSCOOP concluded on April 27 with its $300 buy-in Main Event. Poker-loving residents of New Jersey flocked to PokerStars to compete in the $100,000 guarantee Main Event. A total of 620 of them bought in, this creating $173,600 prize pool.

This two-day event sported a fantastic blind structure the increased every 20-minutes. Twenty levels were played on the first day, which ended with only 60 players in the hunt for the title.

The money bubble burst during the 18th level of Day 1. “thewholefunk” was the unfortunate soul to bust in 108th place, the last place to go home empty-handed.

Blinds were 1,000/2,000/250a and “AllinScott8” opened to 4,000 in middle position. Thewholefunk called on the button and it was heads-up to the Kd-8h-2c flop. AllinScott8 fired a continuation bet of 3,975 and was called.

The turn was the 3h and AllinScott8 bet again, this time 14,133, it was called. AllinScott8 jammed all-in on the As river and thewholefunk called off his 40,615 chips.

Thewholefunk turned over Ah-Qh and lost to the dominating Ac-Kh of AllinScott.

PokerStars NJSCOOP Main Event Going Into Day 2

Forty-seven players busted after thewholefunk popped the money bubble and before Day 1 ended. “ISlowRollYou” finished Day 1 as the overall chip leader courtesy of their 505,174 stack.

“moledaddy” added to their stack early into the Day 2 action after busting “BokenTerp”. There were frequent eliminations from that point as players attempted to build their stacks for a run at the final table.

ISlowRollYou was flying and looked the odds on favorite to win the NJSCOOP Main Event title. Poker, however, can be a cruel beast and one hand can turn a tournament on its head. This is exactly what happened.

With blinds now 7,000/14,000/1,750a, ISlowRollYou raised to 28,000 with Kd-Kd. “SmokenSubaru” three-bet to 112,000 in the big blind with Qd-Qh. ISlowRollYou responded with a three-bet all-in for 326,782 and was called.

Those kings remained the best hand on the flop, but fell behind on the Qc turn. The river bricked and the start-of-day chip leader busted in 17th place.

moledaddy Goes On a Heater

Everything began falling into place for moledaddy as the deck started hitting him in the face! He sent “J3tBl@ckP0pe” to the rail in 12th and “coco91721” in 11th. He then set the final table when his pocket kings prevailed against the tens of “Wsopboy1997”.

That hand propelled moledaddy to the top of the NJSCOOP Main Event chip counts with 2,300,548 chips.

“yazi4” and AllInScott8 were two early casualties of the final table. “JinYanPP” joined them on the rail soon after, his seventh-place finish weighing in at $4,399.

Sixth-place and “6,062 went to “Milqmann”. They committed their chips on the turn of the 2c-Js-As-4c board with Ac-9d. It was a legitimate move, but “loxonbagel” held Jd-Jh for a set of jacks.

“JefferinhoH” was the fifth-place finish, crashing out at the hands of moledaddy. This finish was worth $8,353 and was the last prize not to be five-figures.

SmokenSubaru, the player who sent the Day 2 chip leader home in 17th, busted in fourth. His pocket three lost a coinflip against moledaddy’s suited ace-queen. It was an incredible run that netted SmokenSubaru $11,511, but not the title, unfortunately.

Three-Handed Play Lasts Two Hours

The final three players locked horns for the best part of two hours before something gave. Moledaddy jammed from the button for 13 big blinds with Kh-10h and “plmadman4144” called with pocket eights. Two tens on the flop left the plmadman4144 drawing extremely thin. No snowman appeared on the turn or river, which set heads-up.

Moledaddy held 8,023,605 chips to loxonbagel’s 1,276,395 so the ball was firmly in his court. It was game over after literally the second hands of heads-up.

An all-in bet from moledaddy on the button was quickly called. Moledaddy flipped over Kd-6h and was against loxonbagel’s Qd-Tc. The Js-Qs-Kh kept moledaddy in the lead but the hand was far from over. A Ts on the turn gifted loxonbagel two pair and the upper hand. Loxonbagel needed to avoid a six, jack or king on the river to stay in the tournament. It wasn’t his day because the 6s completed the board and their demise.

Second-place was worth $21,858 for loxonbagel, but moledaddy got his hands on the $30,121 top prize and the title of 2020 NJSCOOP Main Event champion.

PokerStars NJSCOOP Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 moledaddy $30,121
2 loxonbagel $21,858
3 plmadman4144 $15,863
4 SmokenSubaru $11,512
5 JefferinoH $8,354
6 Milqmann $6,062
7 JinYangPP $4,400
8 AllinScott8 $3,193
9 yazi4 $2,317

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