Ludovic Geilich Wins Career-Best $635,080 Prize

Ludovic Geilich helps himself to a career-best score

Scottish poker pro Ludovic Geilich secured the largest score of his career on March 7. Geilich was the last man standing in a $25,500 buy-in Super High Roller online poker event. His reward for victory? A cool $635,080.

Geilich was one of 127 players who parted company with $25,500, meaning a $3,175,000 prize pool. Seth Davies was the unfortunate soul who burst the money bubble. Davies got his stack in with kings against Sami Kelopuro’s queens, but the Finn hit a queen on the river.

Rainer Kempe, David Peters, Stephen Chidwick, and Wiktor Malinowski were among those who cashed in this tournament.

All but one of the nine players at the final table locked up a six-figure prize. India’s “level29” busted in ninth for $77,480. The Indian was down to seven big blinds and they went into the middle holding As-Tc. American pro David Coleman called with Td-Ts and the board ran Kc-Kd-Jd-4c-3c.

Coleman was the next player out of the door despite winning that hand. Coleman open-shoved for 10 big blinds with 7s-7c, but Geilich was sat with Ad-Ac in the hole. Geilich improved to quads on the 9c-Ah-8c-As-Js board to bust Coleman.

The dangerous Kelopuro was the next player eliminated, his seventh-place finish yielding $135,992. “hashtag_fold” min-raised to 100,000 with Qs-Qh and called when Kelopuro jammed 1,113,626 with As-Qd. The queens held and Kelopuro headed for the showers.

Geilich In Control Six-Handed

Geilich extended his lead at the top of the chip counts when he busted Arsenii Malinov. Malinov raised to 120,000, Geilich three-bet to 418,675 before calling when Malinov shoved. Geilich showed Qh-Qc, Malinov Ac-Ts, and the board fell 8c-7h-Th-Jc-Jh.

The final five became four when Daniel Dvoress fell by the wayside. The blinds were 35,000/70,000/8,500a, and Bert Stevens raised to 147,000 from the cutoff. Dvoress committed his last 786,808 chips, and David Yan reshoved for 906,457. Stevens ducked out of the way, and watched on as Dvoress’ 8h-8s raced against Yan’s Ah-Jh. The 2h-4h-Qh flop left Dvoress drawing extremely thin. The Ks turn left him drawing dead, rendering the 6c river inconsequential.

Four-handed play lasted an hour before Yan’s exit ended it. Yan was short-stacked and got his chips in with Ks-7h against Stevens’ Qh-7c. A queen on the flop of the Qc-6s-3d-Ts-2d board condemned Yan to the $316,226 fourth-place prize.

Deal Struck

Heads-up was set when Geilich sent hashtag_fold to the rail in third. Geilich min-raised to 280,000 with Ah-Jc before calling when hashtag_fold jammed for 1,760,070 with As-3h. The five community cards ran Jd-8s-6h-Qs-6c to eliminate hashtag_fold.

Both heads-up players agreed to an ICM deal for the remaining prize pool, but the tournament still needed concluding. The players agreed to flip for the title, going all-in regardless of their holding; it took only two hands to crown the champion.

The first hand saw Geilich’s Qh-9h beat Stevens’ 6h-2s courtesy of an Ah-Kh-4s-6d-9s board. Hand number two pitted Stevens’ As-Ks against Geilich’s Td-5d. A final board reading Ah-5h-3d-Jh-Ts busted Stevens in second-place and crowned Geilich as the champion.

$25,500 Super High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Ludovic Geilich United Kingdom $635,080
2 Bert Stevens Belgium $655,298
3 hashtag_fold Canada $418,948
4 David Yan New Zealand $316,226
5 Daniel Dvoress Canada $238,691
6 Arsenii Malinov Russia $180,167
7 Sami Kelopuro Finland $135,992
8 David Coleman United States $102,648
9 level29 India $77,480

The $635,080 won by Geilich is the Scotsman’s largest-ever poker tournament prize. His fourth-place finish in the 2013 EPT London Main Event banked him £193,340 ($313,482). In the online poker world, his biggest cash weighs in at $462,182. This was his reward for winning a $21,000 PLO tournament at PokerStars in 2016.

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