Daniel Dvoress Wins MILLIONAIRE MAKER Event and First Bracelet

Daniel Dvoress won the $1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER event online at GGPoker and walked away with almost $1.5 million

Daniel Dvoress is one of the most-respected poker tournament players of his generation. The Canadian has more than $15 million in live tournament cashes and $2.7 million from online poker.

Dvoress famously doesn’t compete at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas each summer. He takes the summer off when the poker world is grinding out bracelet events. The poor tax relations between the U.S. and Canada make Dvoress believe winning big in Vegas isn’t worthwhile.

COVID-19 has decimated this year’s live calendar with several major tours going online. The WSOP is one such tour and it was the festival at GGPoker where Dvoress won poker gold.

Some 6,299 players started in the $1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER event last week. They were whittled down to the official final table of nine and those nine hopefuls returned to their seats on August 8 to play for the title.

The massive field and relatively quick blinds left the finalists short-stacked. Dvoress began the final table as the chip leader and he only had 31 big blinds in his arsenal. Five of the final nine had eight big blinds or less.

Dvoress in Pole Position Going Into The Final Table

Aneris Adomkevicius was the first player to bust. He shoved for 15,152,228 with blinds at 2,000,000/4,000,000/400,000a. Alejandro Caridad called with 9s-9h and Adomkevicius showed As-Kd. A nine on the turn locked up the hand for Caridad, even though the ace-king hit an ace on the river.

Tomasz Cybulski crashed out almost immediately afterwards. Micahel Nugent min-raised to 8,000,000 with 7s-7d and Cybulski called all-in from the big blind with Ad-6s. The five community cards provided no drama and the final table lost another player.

The rapid pace continued with the bust-out of former EPT Tallinn champion Ronny Kaiser. Kaiser shoved for 1.5 big blinds with 7h-7d and Anatoly Filatov called with As-Js. Filatov spiked a jack on the flop to send his Swiss opponent to the sidelines in seventh-place.

The final six became five when Neville Endo Costa fell by the wayside. His chips went into the middle while holding Ad-8h and Dvoress looked him up with Js-6d. Dvoress caught a jack on the flop and improved to a full house on the turn. This busted Endo Costa and cemented the chip lead for Dvoress.

Those final five players now had a little more space to breathe, but not too much. Few hands reached a showdown. One key showdown saw Caridad open-shove for 13 big blinds with Qh-Jc and Dvoress take the coinflip with 8h-8s. The snowmen remained intact by the river and Caridad busted in fifth. Fifth-place weighed in at $400,412 so it’s difficult to feel sorry for Caridad!

Eventual Winner Busts Opponents Left, Right and Center

Fourth-place and $556,095 went to Nugent. He called all-in for a shade over five big blinds after Dvoress set him in. Nugent called with Ad-2c and was against 5c-4d. Dvoress hit two pair on the flop and a full house on the river to reduce the player count further.

The Canadian continued his one-man wrecking spree with the elimination of Filatov. Filatov, a partypoker-sponsored pro, jammed with As-Kh and Dvoress called with 5c-5h. Filatov’s ace-king didn’t get a look in on the jack-high flop, and heads-up was set.

Only two hands were needed to finish the tournament. The second hand saw Caio De Almeida move all-in for five big blinds and Dvoress snap-call. De Almeida flipped over Kd-8d and Dvoress the Kh-Qs. The board ran 6c-5d-3c-7h-3h to bust Almeida and leave Dvoress as the sole survivor.

Both heads-up player netted seven-figure prizes. De Almeida banked $1,072,428 with Dvoress netting $1,489,289 and the gold bracelet.

$1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Daniel Dvoress Canada $1,489,289
2 Caio De Almeida Brazil $1,072,428
3 Anatoly Filatov Russia $772,251
4 Michael Nugent Canada $556,095
5 Alejandro Caridad Argentina $400,412
6 Neville Endo Costa Brazil $288,356
7 Ronny Kaiser Switzerland $207,644
8 Tomasz Cybulski Poland $149,523
9 Aneris Adomkevicius Lithuania $107,671

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