Brazil’s Paulo Milani Wins Second Platinum Pass

Platinum Pass winner Paulo Miliano (wearing black) won his second pass in as many years this month.

The majority of PokerStars’ vast customer base can only dream of winning a PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) Platinum Pass. They are in limited supply with only 320 awarded for the 2019 PSCP so the chance of bagging one is remote at best. That is unless you are Paulo Milani who won a Platinum Pass last year and another for the 2020 edition!

Milani defied astronomical odds to win his second Platinum Pass and is now preparing to compete in another huge event. The Brazilian recreational poker player failed to cash in the 2019 PSPC, but he has another bite of the cherry.

Platinum Pass Winner Banks $5.1 Million

PokerStars launched the PSPC in 2017 when it announced it was adding $9 million worth of entries to this amazing event. The original PSPC cost $25,000 to enter and took place at the now-defunct PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in 2019.

The world’s largest online poker site gave 320 players a Platinum Pass for the inaugural PSPC. This pass gave those lucky recipients the $25,000 buy-in, hotel accommodation, plus money for travel and expenses. It created a unique Super High Roller event with an eclectic mix of elite professionals and keen amateurs.

A field of 1,039 entrants created a $26,455,500 prize pool and the top 181 players padded their bankroll with prizes. Six players became millionaires overnight. Marc Perrault, Jason Koonce, Scott Baumstein, Marc Rivera, Julien Martini, and Ramon Colillas being those six. Spain’s Colillas banked a massive $5.1 million and has since traveled the world playing in poker’s biggest events. Colillas won a Platinum Pass on PokerStars’ segregated European poker client.

Players can no longer enjoy the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, but the PSPC returns in 2020. Barcelona is the chosen city for the 2020 PSPC and we bet it will be even bigger this time around.

Miliano won his Platinum Pass last year in an All-In or Fold tournament at the Brazilian Series of Poker. Platinum Pass number two came his way via a Mega Path series of satellites starting at only $2. The Brazilian has now turned that $2 investment into a Platinum Pass worth approximately $30,000.

What Do You Win With a Platinum Pass?

  • €22,500 PokerStars Players Championship buy-in
  • Six-night stay in Barcelona and a guest
  • Money for travel and expenses

Speaking to the Brazilian poker website SuperPoker, Miliano described how he navigated his way to another Platinum Pass.

“I don’t remember hands exactly, but there were some situations that I was blessed with being very strong and finding more than one opponent all in and I was accumulating a lot of chips. I played very focused and conscious. I ended up folding a hand that I normally don’t fold and I went step by step.”

He did not manage to cash during the 2019 PSPC, but Miliano fully enjoyed the whole experience. Miliano plans to make the most of his second attempt by taking in the sights and sounds of Barcelona.

“The expectation is the best. I want to enjoy every moment, much more than just the event, which is sure to have even greater diversification of the field, and the players we admire on television.”

Milano has several months to mentally prepare and improve his poker skills for Europe’s biggest poker tournament. He plans to keep training and evolving his game in the coming months, according to SuperPoker. Asked whether he had an advantage over the field because of his recreational playing status, Milano replied, “I don’t know if it’s an advantage, because I’m not a pro, but I get ahead because I know I have an event in Barcelona and I have more time to prepare.”

Miliano Wants Fellow Brazilians to Join Him in Barcelona

Players from around the world dream of playing in the PSPC as its top prizes are huge. Scores of Brazilians made the trip to The Bahamas last year, even those without a Platinum Pass. Miliano hopes for the same for PSPC 2.0.

“I want next year, as it happened in Bahamas, to see as many Brazilians as possible. Because a lot of players went to the event even though they didn’t win the Platinum Pass. I would like them to find the ways and go, too, because it was so good to have so many there.”

Hundreds of Platinum Passes are up for grabs as PokerStars prepares for the 2020 PSPC. The Mega path satellites, which Miliano secured his second Platinum Pass, are popular. These run on October 13th, October 20th, and October 27th. PokerStars is giving away a platinum Pass to winners of its major online and live events throughout the year. Here is hoping you win one, or maybe two!

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