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man looking for legit booksThis will be my 13th ceremonious year in the gambling industry – on the industry side.  As I mentioned in my legit poker review, I have contrived in one way or another with approximately 90-100 gambling sites and only about 10 (ten) haven proven their merit for 10+ years.  Pragmatically I’ve isolated only 3 (three) legit sportsbooks with an unsullied background.

I wanted a truly unbiased approach to demonstrate which online sportsbooks were the top three. My knowledge comes primarily from working unswerving with account managers but I wanted more proof.  I do not allow sponsorship dollars to reflect my outcome on this site, thus why I am going to display facts and data with my picks. US sportsbooks in my mind come down to the following three.

The Big Three (That Pay Less)

Ok, if you look at any legitimate reviewing site (only a small mass are completely moral in their suggestions) they will have these sites as their top three.  In my personal unbiased ordering, they would be first (1st place) Bet365.com (Non-USA Bettor Only), then (2nd) Bovada.lv and (3rd place) 5Dimes.eu respectively.  Think of Bovada as craigslist and Bet365 as eBay, and it is a fantastic alternative to Bovada. No book beats the value you ascertain at 5dimes, but the software and support are atrocious. It’s not uncommon for the owner to berate you in live chat, he seems to like it.

Who Do Forum Members Like

This is a little more tricky.  While everyone who’s been in the sports betting game for more than three years will tell you the three sportsbooks mentioned above are the most legit, they don’t all bet at these sites everyday.  I made a quick analysis of SBRforum, theRXforum, Jim Griffin’s SBS rank and Covers forum to see where the forum members were playing.  It’s amazing that well informed forum members will still put money on shady books for attractive lines they can beat, and guess what, they are the first ones to complain on the message boards when they don’t get paid.  It’s the ultimate sucker bet from an illegitimate book.  Too good to be true ALWAYS applies to gambling!  On any given day you will see the same complaints coming from obvious scam books.  Take a look here at a fairly recent snapshot of SBR (over 370,000 forum members).

sportsbook complaints-1

Note:  I do not endorse any review site.  While nice guys, John, the owner of SBR Review has come under scrutiny in the past for accusingly taking ‘bribes’ for sportsbook placements.  I’ve played golf with John in the Dominican Republic and they do a standup job on their site, it’s no doubt the best out there for rankings but I like to rely on customer reviews more which is why I heavily weight forum opinions.

If a website does not have an Alexa or Compete (ranking tools to show website traffic) of at least 50k then you have no reason being there.  They are almost always run by the same guys who scam players year after year using different domain names.  They’ll attract a few thousand bettors through grossly attractive rewards and lines, then poof, be gone.  They declare bankruptcy, take all player account balances and start a new book on another domain.  I created a comparison chart on my other site, onlinebetting.com.


Why Do Online Sportsbook Rob Players?

It’s very simple really. They can’t run a legit sportsbook and set their lines properly. A sportsbook is only supposed to make money by the fee they charge to take a bet, the VIG. When books get greedy they shade their lines and start betting on their own lines. If the lines are lopsided due to their incompetence or willing to gamble and they lose big, they disappear. Or, because sportsbetting is theoretically illegal depending on your location in the world, a bank may confiscate funds from the book used to pay players and the sportsbook goes bust. Running a sportsbook is extremely difficult, don’t be a sucker – just play at the legit betting sites that have proper funding. If they have sports betting and poker, all the better.

Can You Beat The Book?

You don’t have to beat the sportsbook necessarily, but it’s beyond a full time job. Take a look at this “life on the line” trailer. In the meantime, I hope I’ve provided you with some perspicacity into legitimate sports betting sites online.


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