Win against Super Tight – Weak Players

Super Tight Players

The players that sit in a game online and are known as super tight are a fading breed in the online world simply because it is a poor strategy and the mathematics behind certain scenarios will not dictate tight play. If you find yourself in a spot where you are seated with a super tight player almost always you will have to wake up with big pocket pair over big pocket pair to felt them. This means basically AA vs. KK or something similar. This is different from learning how to beat aggressive poker players.

Spotting them and What to Do

If you see that your super tight opponent is three-betting your initial raise before the flop, they are basically telling you that they will not fold to a shove. This is the scenario you want obviously if you have pocket aces or kings. The thing that is common with super tight players is bet sizing and also how often they fold after putting some chips in the pot. If the super tight player likes their hand they are never folding regardless of the action. Often times these weak players only look at their hands as opposed to thinking about what you could have. These players miss the whole element of the game and most likely are older poker players. They have been around the game forever and just think it is best to wait for big pocket pairs. This is never going to work in today’s game.

Bet Sizing of Super Tight Players

The bet sizing is almost hilarious if you are watching the tight and weak players play. Often times tight players will over-bet the pot on boards like 1052 rainbow with AA just because they are only looking at what their hand is. They bemoan bad beats with big pocket pairs and simply don’t understand the game. If they make a big bet on a flop like that and get raised all-in, the only scenario where they are ahead is when their opponent is holding JJ, QQ, or KK. Often times it will not be one of those hands, but it will indeed be a set. You lose value when betting too much in a pot and it is a key factor of online play that is missed by super-tight players. The old school thought is to only play premium pairs, and that may have worked ten years ago, but it will not work today. You can easily see that if a tight player makes a big bet they have it almost every time, and are never going to fold.

Weak Players

Weak players come about either by not having the bankroll to support their poker play or by running badly, and playing poorly for an extended period of time. These players are always going to be around online poker games because most people are terrible at managing a poker bankroll. Also, these players will not ever be able to manage a bankroll and simply play just for the rush and thrill of winning. These players are great to play against because they are predictable.

Most times the weak players will sit for hours and not play too many hands, but eventually go on tilt and toss their whole stack in with nothing. This is who you want to play poker against almost always. The reason is that they just don’t get it. What these players don’t get is that aggressive poker is winning poker. Passive poker is a long term losing strategy and one that just will not work. Playing back at weak players will force folds consistently, and allow you to own them in the end.

When someone gets re-raised consistently for hours on end they will eventually give up. It is inevitable and something you can only learn by playing. When you get three-bet over and over again you will crumble, whether it is by dwindling down your stack or getting fed up and going all-in in a bad spot. When you see a weak player you should always attack them.

These are just some fast poker tips to help you on your way to some big wins!


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