schimmelgodx Wins WSOP Online Super Circuit Main Event

Read a recap of the massive WSOP Online Super Circuit Main Event won for more than $1.2 million

The WSOP Online Super Circuit Main Event has crowned its champion and that man is “schimmelgodx” of Germany. The German came out on top of a massive field to get his hands on an incredible $1,271,218 cash prize. He also secured a coveted gold WSOP Circuit ring.

$5 million was guaranteed for this event, which ran online at GGPoker. That sum was blown out of the water thanks to 9,779 players buying in for $1,000. This lead to a gargantuan prize pool of $9,290,050 for the WSOP Online Super Circuit Main Event.

Some 1,494 players made it through to Day 2 with almost 300 of those going home empty-handed. Players dropped like flies as the bubble approached and even faster once the money was reached.

The prize money continued to increase to a point where the nine finalists locked up $70,622.

WSOP Online Super Circuit Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 schimmelgodx Germany $1,271,218
2 Biereux Canada $885,747
3 Igutu India $617,164
4 Juan Pardo Dominguez United Kingdom $430,022
5 tepuseenFD Greece $299,627
6 CoRoNaTi Germany $208,772
7 MaillouL Canada $145,466
8 wy77 Singapore $101,356
9 Gius2020 Monaco $70,622

The final table was a cosmopolitan affair with seven different countries represented.

Monaco’s “Gius2020” finished second in a $2 million guaranteed event earlier in the series but could only manage ninth-place here. Their exit meant the remaining players were guaranteed at least a six-figure prize.

Singapore’s “wy77” was the first player in the WSOP Online Super Circuit Main Event to walk away with six-figures. Eighth-place weighed in at $101,356, a significant return on a $1,000 investment.

“MaillouL” of Canada and “CoRaNaTi” of Germany fell next. The former won $145,466 with the latter scooping a cool $208,772.

The prize money was now becoming life-changing with fifth-place worth $299,627. Greece’s “tepuseenFD” won this amount when their tournament ended abruptly.

United Kingdom-based Spaniard high roller Juan Pardo Dominguez crashed out in fourth place. His exit occurred during the 3,000,000/6,000,000/600,000a level. Pardo raised to 15,000,000 with As-Qs and called when “Igutu” raised all-in from the big blind. Igutu made this play with Ac-3d so Pardo was in great shape to double up. That never happened because the 7c-Tc-2c-7s-6c board had more clubs than Vegas and Igutu held a flush-completing club. Pardo walked away disappointed but with $430,022 to console himself with.

Three-Handed in the WSOP Online Super Circuit Main Event

Pardo’s exit from the WSOP Online Super Circuit Main Event left only three players in the hunt for the title. “Biereux” held a substantial chip lead three-handed and an even larger one when heads-up.

Heads-up was reached when Igutu crashed and burned in third-place. Igutu, who hails from India, jammed with Qc-Jc and Biereux called with the dominating Ks-Jd. Both players improved to a straight on the turn, although Biereux’s was higher.

This left the chip stacks severely different. Biereux held 398,585,285 chips to schimmelgodx’s 88,180,024.

schimmelgodx doubled his stack with Ad-5d against 9d-6d before a huge cooler gave him a massive advantage.

The heads-up duo got their stacks into the middle on an Ac-Tc-7d-Kc board. Biereux held Ks-7s and schimmelgodx Kh-Th. The river bricked and schimmelgodx now had a stack 10-times the size of his Canadian opponent.

Biereux clawed a few chips back but lost his grip on the WSOP Online Super Circuit Main Event title. His short stack of 10 big blinds went in with Qc-Js on a Jd-4h-6h flop. Schimmelgodx called with Jc-4s and the rest is history.

schimmelgodz padded his bankroll with a colossal $1,271,218 with the runner-up winning $885,747.

This Wasn’t The Biggest Prize of the Series

This wasn’t the biggest prize of the WSOP Online Super Circuit, which is quite amazing. The biggest prize weighed in at $2,198,292, the prize won by “800-522-470” in the $25,000 Super High Roller.

It would be amazing to get a WSOP Online Super Circuit festival on a U.S-friendly online poker site after seeing the success of this one. We can live in hope.

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