What Are Your Poker Goals For 2022?

A new year is almost upon, making now the perfect time to set yourself some poker goals for 2022. What targets have you set yourself?

The past 12 months have tested many people around the world. We live in times of uncertainty, but a new year gives us new hope, plus gives us the opportunity to set some poker goals for 2022.

Setting goals is important for a poker player. They help prevent stagnation for a start. In addition, setting goals and targets helps measure your progress or lack of. Furthermore, having aims and plans help keep you going during downswings or a lack of motivation. What are your poker goals for 2022?

Make Studying One of Your Poker Goals for 2022

Poker is a game in a continuous cycle of adapting. Strategies change, optimal bet sizes too, and games continue growing tougher. Online poker is very beatable, but staying on top requires much effort away from the tables in addition to on them.

Studying away from the virtual felt is one of the most important poker goals for 2022. You can bet your bottom dollar your stronger opponents are working on their game, which means you must too.

Start by analysing the hand history files stored on your computer. Take your ten biggest winning hands, your ten largest losses, and go through them with a fine-toothed comb. Could you have won more in the hand? Was it possible to reduce your losses?

Keep up-to-date with the latest strategies by watching some higher stakes games. Most online poker sites allow watching of cash games and tournaments you are not playing. Furthermore, have a look on Twitch for poker streamers. Studying more assists you in achieving your other poker goals for 2022.

Avoid Setting Monetary and Volume Related Targets

We use money won as a way of keeping score at poker. Winning money is the aim of the game. Indeed, we play poker for a variety of reasons, but padding our bankrolls and winning money trumps them all.

However, it is not a good idea to use money-related poker goals for 2022. Why? Because you have very little control over how much money you win. It is possible to play perfectly every session and still lose money because of variance. Poker is a cruel mistress.

Setting yourself a goal of winning $5,000, for example, is common. monetary goals often result in you losing motivation. You could hit the $5,000 target within a couple of months if everything goes to plan, which then sees you take your foot off the gas. Conversely, what if you are in a $1,000 hole? You may take more risks or play longer sessions to get level.

The same is true for volume-based poker goals for 2022. Life throws us curveballs that mean we are unable to play poker. Having a volume-related target means you are then behind, which leads to playing more hands or tournaments during a session in order to make up ground. Furthermore, volume-related goals lend themselves to leaving good games if you hit a hand count. Only play online poker when you want to, not only because you can.

Learn a New Variant or Qualify For a Big Tournament

A new year is a perfect time to set off on a new poker adventure. Learn a new variant or format. For example, dabble with Pot-Limit Omaha if you are a No-Limit Hold’em player. Jump into a tournament if grinding cash games is your staple game.

There are some huge tournaments kicking off 2022, including the Venom at Americas Cardroom. This tournament costs $2,650 to enter but features a $10 million guaranteed prize pool. Of course, ACR has dozens of satellites from a few cents, meaning even those players with the smallest of bankroll have a shot at glory.

Above all, have fun this year at the tables. Poker is a great game that tests many aspects of a person. The fact it is playable from almost anywhere on the planet makes it more special.

Brad Johnson

You name the game, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Brad has either played it or placed a wager on it! Brad calls himself a natural gambler, and someone who gains as much enjoyment from writing about the crazy game of poker as he does playing it.


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