Weissman and Riordan Lock Up USPO Titles

Joey Weissman is a U.S. Poker Open champion

Joey Weissmann and John Riordan emerged victorious from their U.S. Poker Open events this week. Riordan triumphed in $10,000 Big Bet Mix, Weissman in the $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em event.

Eighty-five players bought into the $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em event won by Weissman. This resulted in an $850,000 prize pool that the top 13 finishers shared. Vanessa Kade was the 14th place finisher and the player to burst the money bubble. Kade’s Qs-Jc failed to get there against the Ah-9d of Adam Hendrix.

Shannon Shorr and Jordan Cristos were the first two players to cash; each received $17,000. Ali Imsirovic and Daniel Negreanu banked $25,500 before Dan Shak and Nick Schulman fell by the wayside, and walked away with $34,000.

Weissman Fourth in Chips at the Final Table

Weissman sat down at the final table fourth in chips, although only a few chips separated the top four players.

Vicent Bosca, the final table’s short stack, busted at the hands of Brock Wilson. Wilson was the next player out of the door despite bagging Bosca’s stack. Wilson can count himself extremely unlucky with his elimination hand. Hendrix open-shoved from the button with jack-eight, and Wilson called with ace-queen. The queen-queen-king flop left Hendrix in a world of pain. However, a nine on the turn and ten on the river improved Hendrix to a straight!

Hendrix busted Frank Funaro in fifth place when his tens held against Funaro’s ace-trey. That hand left Hendrix with seven million of the 10.5 million chips in play.

Weissman Starts His Comeback

Weissman was among the shortest stacks when play was four-handed, but he had three big blinds more than Cary Katz when the pair clashed. A short-stacked Weissman open-shoved for 5.5 big blinds with six-five of hearts. Katz called with ace-four, and lost when a five appeared on the turn.

Joe McKeehen, a recent U.S. Poker Open champion, was the next to bow out. McKeehen shoved from the small blind for 11 big blinds with queen-three suited. Hendrix looked up McKeehen with king-nine, and king-high was good enough to reduce the player count by one.

Hendrix looked to have the tournament sewn up because he held nine million chips to Weissman’s 1.6 million. However, Weissman was going nowhere fast.

Weissman chipped up and eventually found himself holding a commanding lead himself. Hendrix, down to five big blinds, shoved with ace-jack, and Weissman called with queen-deuce of hearts. The five community cards gifted Weissman a flush and, therefore, the title.

U.S. Poker Open Event #5 Final Table Results

Place Player Prize Championship Points
1 Joey Weissman $204,000 204
2 Adam Hendrix $144,500 145
3 Joe McKeehen $102,000 102
4 Cary Katz $85,000 85
5 Frank Funaro $68,000 68
6 Brock Wilson $51,000 51
7 Vicent Bosca $42,500 43

Riordan Takes Down The Big Bet Event

The Big Bet event saw 48 players lock horns across No-Limit Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, and No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw.

Majid Yahyaei burst the bubble when he busted in eighth during a round of NLHE. His exit secured a $19,200 prize for the remaining seven players.

Jeremy Ausmus, Jim Collopy, and Brian Okin ran out of steam before Maxx Coleman crashed out in fourth. Alex Foxen fell in third and won $72,000, the last five-figure prize of the evening, to leave Sean Perry and Riordan heads-up.

Riordan got his hands on the $163,200 top prize after a hand of 2-7 when his way. Riordan held nine-eight-seven-six-six and Perry called with queen-ten-seven-seven-deuce. Perry drew two and received two jacks. Riordan drew one and paired his six, but still won the event.

U.S. Poker Open Event #5 Final Table Results

Place Player Prize Championship Points
1 John Riordan $163,200 163
2 Sean Perry $105,600 106
3 Alex Foxen $72,000 72
4 Maxx Coleman $52,800 53
5 Brian Okin $38,400 38
6 Jim Collopy $28,800 29
7 Jeremy Ausmus $19,200 19

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