Stozypokes Triumphs in MISCOOP Main Event ($41,074)

PokerStars MISCOOP Main Event

PokerStars only launched its online poker room in Michigan on January 29, 2021 and it has already made a big impression. The Michigan Spring Championship of Online Poker (MISCOOP) concluded last weekend with a $200,000 guaranteed Main Event.

MISCOOP Event 36-H was the $300 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em Main Event, which came with a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool. Some 871 players bought in, ensuring the guarantee was hit then beaten by $43,880. The top 116 finishers shared the pot, with a min-cash weighing in at $682. That sum increased to almost $2,800 at the nine-handed final table.

MISCOOP Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Stozypoker $41,074.16
2 aardvark555 $29,344.34
3 healybuck2021 $20,964.48
4 Polarithm $14,977.64
5 YoRayman $10,700.45
6 Andrew “autokorekt” Korby $7,644.73
7 wldcrd2121 $5,461.61
8 crazydave1234 $3,901.93
9 BishPlz94 $2,787.67

“Polarithm” held the chip lead going into the MISCOOP Main Event final table. They had 28,359,690 chips in the stack. Eventual champion “Stozypokes” found himself in second place courtesy of his 16,443,979 stack.

“healybuck2021” got off to the best of starts by busting an opponent and doubling through another. “wldcrd2121” limped in for 400,000 in late position, and Andrew “autokorekt” Korby raised to 1,200,000 from the cutoff. healybuck2021 four-bet jammed for 6,380,742 on the button. “BishPlz94” called off their short-stack from the big blind. wldcrd2121 mucked, but Korby called.

Korby: Qh-Qd
healybuck2021: Kd-Kh
BishPlz94: 6c-2h

The kings of healybuck2021 held as the community cards fell Kc-8s-Jh-5s-Js.

The MISCOOP Main Event ended for “crazydave1234” during the same level, and at the hands of healybuck2021. A three-times the big blind raise to 1,200,000 from healybuck2021 folded out most of the table. crazydave1234, however, three-bet all-in from the small blind for 2,949,212. healybuck2021 called to put his opponent at risk. crazydave1234 showed Ac-Ad and was against the 8h-8c. The aces remained true until the river of the 9s-7c-7d-3c-8d board. Good game.

Stozypokes Claims His First Final Table Scalp

Stozypokes boosted his stack by claiming the chips formerly belonging to wldcrd2121. He then won a coinflip with pocket fives against Korby’s ace-king to soar into the lead. Stozypokes shoved from the button, and Korby called off his nine big blinds from the small blind. It was 5h-5s versus Ad-Ks, with the board running Qc-8d-9c-5d-3d.

The final five became four in the MISCOOP Main Event when “YoRayman” busted. They open-shoved for 4,083,666 (6.8 big blinds) from under the gun with 2s-2h. “aardvark555” looked him up with 9s-9d, and won courtesy of the 5s-Jd-7s-8h-Kd board.

Stozypokes bolstered their stack by sending Polarithm to the showers in fourth. Polarithm looked down at Qs-Jd and decided to rip in his 15.5 big blind stack from the button. Stozypokes called with the dominating Ks-Qc, which held to reduce the player count by one.

Heads-up was set a few hands later when Stozypokes eliminated healybuck2021. Stozypokes initially limped in from the small blind with Ah-Ad. healybuck2021 took the bait and raised all-in for 8,013,204 with Ah-8h; Stozypokes snap-called. A final board reading Kd-4h-2d-Kc-Ac busted healybuck2021 and sent the event heads-up.

Ten To One Chip Lead Going Into Heads-Up

Stozypokes had one hand on the MISCOOP Main Event title due to having 79,240,674 chips to his opponent’s 7,859,326. Blinds were 300,000/600,000/87,500a at the time, so the writing was on the wall.

aardvark555 called a min-raise from his opponent, leading to the 9c-6c-8h flop. Both players checked to the Th turn, which is where things exploded. aardvark555 led for 1,467,750, Stozypokes responded with a raise to 3,600,000, only for aardvark555 to jam for 13,606,152. Stozypokes instantly called, and it was easy to see why.

Stozypokes: Kh-7d
aardvark555: Tc-2c

Stozypokes turned a straight, but needed to avoid a club on the river to win the MISCOOP Main Event. The 4h landed on the river, sending aardvark555 home in second, and the title to Stozypokes.

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