Shaun Deeb Makes It Five Bracelets Wins in the $25K PLO High Roller

Shaun Deeb won the $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha High Roller at the 2021 WSOP to become a five-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner.

New York’s Shaun Deeb is a five-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner after he won the $25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller for the second time. Deeb triumphed in this event in 2018 and again this weekend at the 2021 WSOP.

The PLO High Roller event drew in a 212-strong crowd who created a $5,008,500 prize pool. The top 32 finishers shared the massive pot, with the likes of Ben Yu, Chance Kornuth, Joao Vieira, and Jeremy Ausmus, all cashing.

Deeb Holds Chip Lead Going Into The Final Table

Nine players sat down at the final table where Deeb held a narrow chip lead. He was armed with 6,650,000 chips, or 111 big blinds. Ka Kwan Lau was second with 6,300,000 chips (105 big blinds).

PLO specialist Tommy Le did not last long and bowed out in ninth for $97,254. Le got the last of his chips in with As-Qh-5s-2h on a Js-9s-3h-6h board. Lau was sat there with Kd-Kh-9h-3s. The 7h river sent Le to the showers.

Charles Sinn came unstuck in eighth and won $121,816. Sinn clashed with Maxx Coleman on the turn of the Kc-2s-Ac-Jc board. Sinn held top set with his Ah-As-Jh-7c, but Coleman held Qc-Ts-6d-5c. A 4h river ended Sinn’s participation.

The final seven became six when Ben Lamb busted. Lamb opened before four-bet shoving with As-Ah-Js-Th, and John Beauprez called with Ac-Ad-Kc-4c. A chop looked most likely until the flop fell 6h-4h-3h, giving Lamb a flush. The 4s turn gave Beauprez trip fours, with the Kd river improving him to a winning full house.

Play ended for the day when a short-stacked David Benyamine ran into Deeb’s aces. Benyamine pinned his hopes on Ks-Th-7c-5h after Deeb had three-bet with As-Ac-7s-2d. The board ran Qc-9h-6s-5h-3d to send Benyamine home.

Lau Leads The Final Five

The final five players returned to the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino knowing they were only four eliminations away from winning more than one million dollars. Bulgaria’s Veselin Karakitukov fell shortly after play resumed. Lau raised to 320,000, Karakitukov called, and Deeb squeezed to 1,340,000. Only Karakitukov called, which cost him half his stack. The rest of the Bulgarian’s chips went in on the 7c-5c-5d flop holding Kc-Jc-Ts-9d. Deeb held Ad-Ah-Jd-2h. The 3d and Kd completed the community cards, and confirmed Karakitukov’s demise.

Coleman was the next player out of the door. Coleman was down to a handful of big blinds when he chose Qd-9s-6d-3s as the hand to try double up with. Deeb looked him up with Ad-Jc-Js-8c. Deeb’s hand remained best as the five community cards fell Tc-8s-Kh-3d-2c.

Three-handed played lasted what seemed an age. It ended with Beauprez heading to the cashier’s desk to collect $537,295. Beauprez jammed all-in with As-9c-4d-2h on a Qc-7h-Ad-5s-3s board, but Deeb held Ks-8h-6s-4c for a higher traight.

That hand gave Deeb a 24,100,000 to 7,700,000 chip lead over Lau, but he could not shake off the online cash game specialist. Something finally gave during the 150,000/300,000/300,000a level. Deep limped with Ac-7d-6h-5s, Lau raised to 900,000 with Ah-Kd-Kc-8d, and was called. Lau bet 700,000 on the 8s-8c-6c flop, but could not lose his opponent. Lau check-called a 2,000,000 bet on the 5d turn before calling off his remaining chips on the 5c river. Trip eights for Lau were nowhere near the full house held by Deeb.

Lau collected $773,708 for his runner-up finish, but the champion won his fifth bracelet and a cool $1,251,860 prize.

$25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Shaun Deeb United States $1,251,860
2 Ka Kwan Lau Hong Kong $773,708
3 John Beauprez United States $537,295
4 Maxx Coleman United States $381,394
5 Veselin Karakitukov Bulgaira $276,870
6 David Benyamine France $205,655
7 Ben Lamb United States $156,387
8 Charles Sinn United States $121,816
9 Tommy Le United States $97,254

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