7 Players With Multiple WSOP Cashes But No Bracelet

We take a look at seven poker players with multiple WSOP cashes but who are yet to win a bracelet

Almost every poker player in the world dreams of winning a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet. Some players have a seemingly unnatural ability to win a bracelet (here’s looking at you Phil Hellmuth). Others have multiple WSOP cashes but are yet to win a coveted bracelet.

The strip of gold is poker’s most sought after piece of jewelry. Think of a bracelet like a Super Bowl ring. Everyone wants one. The seven players below have cashed in 580 WSOP events yet the gold bracelet still eludes them!

Roland Israelashvili Tops The List Of Multiple WSOP Cashes Without a Bracelet

Roland Israelashvili tops the list of multiple WSOP cashes without winning a bracelet.

Roland Israelashvili is a familiar face at the WSOP. Born in Georgia, the country not the state, Israelashvili is a prolific poker player. His first recorded live poker tournament cash came at the 2005 WSOP in a $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em event.

He’s since cashed in a total of 112 WSOP events but still hasn’t won a bracelet! Israelashvili is fifth in terms of multiple WSOP cashes yet his wrist is severely lacking in gold. Israelashvili won a WSOP ring in 2020 but third-place is the closest he’s come to winning a bracelet.

Perhaps the 2020 WSOP is when the popular pro will finally get the proverbial monkey off his back?

Tony Cousineau Has Multiple WSOP Cashes (87) But No Bracelet!

Everyone who is a regular at the WSOP wants Tony Cousineau to win a bracelet. They’ve been saying for years that it’s a case of when rather than if he’ll win one. Cousineau finds himself high on the multiple WSOP cashes list with 87 to his name so far.

He’s reached a WSOP final table on eight occasions with a fourth-place finish in 2001 the closest he’s come to winning gold.

Tom “The Shamrock Kid” McCormick Enjoyed The First of Multiple WSOP Cashes in 1992

You’ve probably never heard of Tom McCormick, but you should have done because he’s always at the WSOP. McCormick has 81 cashes at the WSOP, putting him 17th in the list of multiple WSOP cashes.

The North Dakota resident first cashes at the WSOP in 1992, which was his first-ever cash. He finished third in a $2,500 Limit Hold’em event that day. This is still the closest he’s come to securing a bracelet.

McCormick plays a wide variety of games, including pot-limit Omaha, to increase his chances of glory. It’s just not happened for him in bracelet-awarding events.

Allen “Chainsaw” Kessler

Allen Kessler is your typical rounder. He travels around the United States playing in low-to-mid stakes tournaments making a living from poker. Kessler, known as “Chainsaw”, is consistent if not spectacular, and is a major threat at the tables.

He’s racked up 80 cashes in WSOP events without netting a coveted bracelet. These multiple WSOP cashes place him 18th in the list coming into the 2020 WSOP.

Kessler’s had a series of super-near misses in his career. He finished second in a $2,500 Omaha Hi/Lo event in 2005. He also finished second in 2010, 2011 and 2017, all in non-NL Hold’em tournaments.

The Las Vegas resident plays every game and every game to a high standard. Surely a bracelet win is coming to the Chainsaw?

Jon Turner

Jon Turner became well-known in the online poker world where he is known as “Pearljammer”. His tight-aggressive style during the poker boom won him millions of dollars. Turner has $8 million in online cashes and another $3.6 million from live tournaments.

Turner is 23rd in the list of multiple WSOP cashes with 76 in-the-money finishes, but still no WSOP bracelet! He almost won a bracelet twice in 2019, finishing fourth twice. Turner will be a popular champion when he finally gets his hands on a bracelet.

Shannon Shorr: Best Player Without a Bracelet?

Shannon Shorr is regarded as the best player without a WSOP bracelet despite multiple WSOP cashes

Shannon Shorr has been around for years. He’s a super talented poker player with more than a decade’s experience under his belt. Shorr has used that vast experience to rack up 74 WSOP cashes, including nine last summer.

One of those multiple WSOP cashes in 2019 was a runner-up finish in a $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em event. This is the closest he’s come to binking some poker gold. We expect Shorr to get close again in 2020 and hope he does manage to finally win a bracelet.

He’s more than capable, having won more than $8 million from live tournaments. He just needs a little luck at the business end of WSOP events.

Mark Gregorich

Mark Gregorich is last in our seven players with multiple WSOP cashes but no bracelet. The man from Las Vegas has managed to cash in 70 events without tasting victory.

Gregorich first cashed at the WSOP in 1999, which was a 14th place finish. He finished sixth and third a year later. 2003 was the closest Gregorich came to winning a bracelet, finishing second in a $5,000 Limit Hold’em event.

Like many players with multiple WSOP cashes, Gregorich plays many variants. His wide range of skills have so far netted him more than $1.96 million.

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