Scott Stewart Wins bestbet Jacksonville Winter Open Main Event

Scott Stewart won the bestbet Jacksonville Winter Open Main Event for more than $177,000.

Scott Stewart of California won the bestbet Jacksonville Winter Open Main Event this weekend for $177,817. Stewart came out on top of a 510-strong field to take his lifetime winnings close to $2.4 million.

Seventy-eight of the 510 starters made it through to Day 2 but only 64 received prize money. Stewart was among the leaders when the money bubble burst and he stayed towards the top of the chip counts for the rest of the tournament.

A min-cash in this event weighed in at $3,213 which increased to $22,491 for the eight finalists.

Matt Mauldin Leads Final Table; Stewart Third in Chips

Barbara Rogers sat at the final table as the shortest stack and was the first player eliminated. Rogers’ last 5.5 big blinds went into the middle with Ks-Jc. Thad McNulty called in the small blind with 7s-7h only for Stewart to jam for 2,285,000 with Ah-Kc. McNulty folded. The ace-king of Stewart flopped trips and improved to a full house by the river to bust Rogers.

Chuck Tabor busted shortly after Rogers’ demise. Mauldin did the damage this time around. Tabor open-shoved for nine big blinds with Ah-5h and found himself up against Mauldin’s Ad-Qh. Neither player improved on the 9d-3h-3c-8d-4c board, but Mauldin didn’t need to.

The final six players became five when Luan Nguyen fell by the wayside. Nguyen committed his last 10 big blinds with Js-8c from under the gun. Mauldin three-bet all-in for 2,505,000 with As-Ks. Mauldin flopped trips and hit a flush on the river of the Kd-2s-Kh-Qs-8s board.

$49,113 and fifth place went to the aforementioned McNulty. He, too, was short-stacked with only 8.25 big blinds, They went into the middle on the very next hand after Nguyen busted. McNulty pinned his hopes on Qc-4s and found a caller in the shape of Stewart and his 7c-7h. The 9c-Ad-7d flop left McNulty drawing dead, rendering the Js turn and 3s river meaningless.

Stewart Claims the Chip Lead; Puts His Foot on the Gas

Stewart climbed to more than five-million chips and put his foot firmly on the gas. He lost a little ground in Chris Perry’s exit hand, however. Stewart raised to 350,000 at the 60,000/120,000/120,000a level with 5s-5d. Mauldin three-bet in the small blind with Ad-Ac, only for Perry to cold four-bet all-in for 1,550,000 with pocket kings. Stewart folded, but Mauldin snap-called. The 4h-3h-5c-Jd-7d board sent Perry to the showers.

The last five-figure score went to Ken Stacy who crashed out at the hands of Stewart. Stacy raised to 380,000 in the small blind with Ac-4c before calling Mauldin’s three-million shove with Ad-7d. A final board reading 2s-Kc-6c-Td-5h busted Stacy in third-place.

Stewart held a 7,490,000 to 5,260,000 chip lead over Maudlin and it didn’t take long fr him to claim the title. The final hand saw Mauldin open-shove for 1,920,000 912 big blinds), with Ad-8h. Stewart called with 9h-9d and the board ran Qh-7c-Qc-5h-Jd, busting Mauldin in second-place for $118,422.

bestbet Jacksonville Winter Open Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Hometown Prize
1 Scott Stewart Lakewood, California $177,817
2 Matt Mauldin Columbia, South Carolina $118,422
3 Ken Stacy Bristol, Virginia $87,394
4 Chris Perry Tampa, Florida $65,178
5 Thad McNulty Jacksonville, Florida $49,113
6 Luan Nguyen Lawrenceville, Georgia $37,454
7 Chuck Tabor Charlotte, North Carolina $28,917
8 Barbara Rogers Lockhaven, Pennsylvania $22,491

This is the third impressive result of 2021 for Stewart. He finished sixth in a $1,100 buy-in side event at the WPT Lucky Hearts Open in Hollywood for $21,350. A 17th place finish in the $3,500 Main Event yielded an additional $33,455. He now has a $177,817 score after this superb victory.

Stewart’s biggest prize came in 2017 at the World Series of Poker Main Event. He banked $535,000 for a 13th place finish, a most impressive result.

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