Ryan Hohner Takes Down partypoker US PKO Main Event

Ryan Hohner triumphed in the partypoker US PKO Main Event

The partypoker US Network PKO Bounty Online Series concluded on March 1 with the $100,000 guaranteed PKO 8-Max Main Event. Some 311 players bought in for $535 and Ryan “TheSims” Hohner outlasted them all.

Hohner navigated his way to the final table where he sat down second in chips with a 5,408,400 stack. Only Chris “rumpthumper” White, with 10,984,000 chips, was sat behind a larger stack.

Vinny “brownmagic” Pahuja was the eight-handed final table’s first casualty. “audidriver” raised preflop before calling when Pahuja three-bet all-in for under 10 big blinds. Pahuja showed Qs-Qh, audidriver the Ts-Tc, and the board ran Jh-Td-3h-8d-4s to bust Pahuja.

Seventh-place went to Michael “UFOLDIWIN” St. John who open-shoved for a shade under 10 big blinds with Kh-Jc. White called with Ah-Tc. The five community cards ran 9h-8s-5d-3s-5c, meaning White’s ace-kicker was enough to reduce the player count by one.

Hohner claimed his first scalp of the final table, that of Orson “Borgatcha” Young. Young committed his stack with Jd-7d on the Ad-7c-5s flop, and Hohner called with Ah-Qh. The Th turn left Yong needing a seven or a jack on the river, but the 9h landed there. Game over for Young.

White busted another player in the shape of “LifeLongHustler”. The action folded to LifeLongHustler in the small blind and he chose Kh-2c to move all-in for nine big blinds. White called with Ac-3h, which held on the 9d-8h-2d-Jd-3c board.

Hohner Claims The Chip Lead

A major hand took place during the 80,000/160,000 level when Hohner and White clashed. Hohner found himself all-in with Ac-Ks and White the dominated Ah-Jd. Neither player improved on the board so Hohner doubled up to 10.3 million chips with his ace-king.

Being chip leader in a PKO tournament is an enviable position and Hohner used his big stack to his advantage.

White busted at the hands of “Stylebender” and collected fourth-place money. White three-bet shoved for 15 big blinds with Ad-3h and Stylebender called with As-8h. Both players paired their ace on the flop, but Stylebender improved to two pair on the river.

Hohner put his foot firmly on the gas and sent audidriver to the showers. Hohner min-raised to 480,000 with Ac-Qh and called when audidriver jammed for 4,834,871 with Ah-Jh. The board read Kd-Ts-3h-Ks-8c by the river, and the tournament moved to heads-up.

It did not take too long for Hohner to get his hands on Stylebender’s stack and the title. Stylebender opened to 550,000 at the 120,000/240,000 level. Hohner called and watched on as the flop fell Ac-9c-6d. Stylebender bet 1,280,000 when checked to, Hohner check-raised to 4,017,600 and was called. The 7d turn saw Hohner shove his stack into the middle, which covered that of Stylebender. Stylebender called and flipped over Jc-8c. Hohner revealed the 9d-6h for two pair. The 3s river busted Stylebender and left the champion to collect $28,438.

Final Table Results

Place Player Prize Bounties Total Prize
1 Ryan “TheSims” Hohner $13,330 $15,108 $28,438
2 Stylebender $13,329 $6,756 $20,085
3 audidriver $8,553 $2,039 $10,592
4 Chris “rumpthumper” White $6,220 $4,828 $11,048
5 LifeLongHustler $4,976 $125 $5,101
6 Orson “Borgatcha” Young $3,810 $2,250 $6,060
7 Michael “UFOLDIWIN” St. John $2,877 $1,047 $3,924
8 Vinny “brownmagic” Pahuja $2,022 $2,000 $4,022

New Jersey’s Hohner is an accomplished poker tournament player, one with $654,900 in live winnings. $245,967 of that sum stems from his runner-up finish in the 2018 WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open.

No doubt the champ will be back at the partypoker US virtual felt in a few weeks time. Why? Because the next partypoker US Network Series runs from March 21-28. It culminates with a $1,060 buy-in $125,000 guaranteed Main Event that has its final table live-streamed. Do not write of Hohner’s chances of being at that final table.

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