Players Warm Up For OSS Action With High Stakes Wednesday

These players have built their bankrolls just in time for the $15 million OSS

The $15 million Online Super Series (OSS) kicks off at Americas Cardroom on Sunday and players are warming up with the site’s biggest tournaments.

OSS is a major test for online poker tournament players. It’s mentally testing because the best players in the world compete across 14-days of action. There’s also the strain on one’s bankroll because the biggest OSS events come with large buy-ins.

High Stakes Wednesdays at Americas Cardroom, and Black Chip Poker, gave players the chance to win big. They tested their skills with the massive series just days away. Here are some highlights from June 10.

KKing James Warms Up For OSS With $22.9K Score

Some 638 players bought into the $125,000 Gtd for $215 and created a $127,600 prize pool. The top 99 finishers won a slice of the pie, a min-cash weighing in at $350. This increased to $2,233 by the time only nine players remained.

“NooBoostas” was the first player to fall at the final table. “sjplanz” joined them on the rail with $2,934 in their back pocket, before “Im_Just_a_Nit” busted in seventh. Seventh-place weighed in at $3,764.

Sixth-place and $4,593 went to “mitsuof75” with “LUCKBOX72O” collecting $5,486 for their fifth-place exit. The prize money continued to grown larger when “TeddyKGB69” crashed out. The Rounders-related alias scooped $6,954.

Third-place was the final position not awarding a five-figure prize. “Kroat1” was that third-place finisher and they walked away with $9,761. This left “Vote Bernie” and “KKing James” to fight it out one-on-one for the title.

KKing James got the job done and won $22,904, perfect timing with OSS just around the corner. VoteBernie added $14,227 to their bankroll and now has plenty of ammunition for the $15 million OSS.

Place Player Prize
1 KKing James $22,904
2 VoteBernie $14,227
3 Kroat1 $9,761
4 TeddyKGB69 $6,954
5 LUCKBOX72O $5,486
6 mitsuof75 $4,593
7 Im_Just_a_Nit $3,764
8 sjplanz $2,934
9 NoBoostas $2,233

TeeeeeCrames Wins One, FTs One In Time For OSS

“TeeeeeCrames” is one to watch in the upcoming OSS, especially off the back of these latest results. Tim Cramer is the man behind the alias, a player now residing in Mexico. Cramer has $4.7 million in online poker tournament winnings and $927,575 live.

Cramer’s latest victory in the $50,000 Gtd 6-Max takes his winnings at Americas Cardroom past $400,000. He netted $21,760 after topping a field of 68-entrants in the $1,050 buy-in short-handed tournament.

A political alias finished second, just like in the $125K Gtd event won by KKing James. “UpLikeDonaldTrump” had to make do with the $14,960 runner-up prize this time around.

“groothedegen” was the only other player to turn their $1,050 into more than $10,000. Their tournament ended abruptly in third-place, a finish worth $10,540.

Earlier at the final table. “Down2Muck” was the first final table casualty. Ankush “rickrosstheb” Mandavia fell in fifth for $5,100 and “PGAFan52” banked $7,480 after crashing out in fourth.

Place Player Prize
1 TeeeeeCrames $21,760
2 UpLikeDonaldTrump $14,960
3 groothedegen $10,540
4 PGAFan52 $7,480
5 rickrosstheb $5,100
6 Down2Muck $3,400

Cramer went on to finish fourth in the HS Wednesday $50K Gtd. He turned his $630 into $7,182, the perfect OSS warm up for the talented pro.

“BananaHandz” won the event for $16,632 after defeating “Dr.Hodl” heads-up. The runner-up scooped $11,718.

Place Player Prize
1 BananaHandz $16,632
2 Dr.Hodl $11,718
3 MyLiFeIsPoTaTo $9,072
4 TeeeeeCrames $7,182
5 TY4PLAYING $5,859
6 SIowpoke $4,725
7 Aggro_Aram $3,780
8 wsopboy93 $3,024

Grab Your Massive Welcome Bonus Today

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