PipthqueakAA Is The Latest WPT Online Borgata Series Champion

PipthqueakAA won more than $13,000 by taking down EVent #6 of the WPT Borgata Online Series at partypoker US

The WPT Online Borgata Series, which partypoker US is hosting on its New Jersey client, is in full swing. Six events have crowned their champions and “PipthqueakAA” is the latest player to secure a title.

PipthqueakAA was one of 280 players to enter the $20K Gtd Six-Max NLHE event on September 18. The tournament started with only 77 entrants but that number increased during late registration. Partypoker set the guarantee at $20,000 but paid out $56,000 to the top 30 finishers.

Plenty of established professionals helped themselves to some cash. Yong “IReadYrSoul” Kwon won Event #2 for $6,932. He finished 24th here for $672. WSOP bracelet winner Michael “miw210x” Wang busted 13th for $756. Josh “layitdown08” Rotherberg burst the final table bubble and banked $1,848 for his seventh-place finish.

PipthqueakAA Second in Chips at the Final Table

“Aiden13” was the chip leader going into the six-handed final table with 3,820,736 chips. PipthqueakAA sat down with 2,713,300 chips, enough for second place.

The leader’s stack swelled immediately when he busted “dhimp20” in sixth place. Aiden13 raised on the button with Ah-Qc and dhimp20 moved all-in for 24 big blinds in the small blind. Aiden13 called and saw his ace-queen flipping against dhimp20’s 5d-5c. An ace on the river saw dhimp20 dumped out of the competition, a finish worth $2,408.

The chip lead went to PipthqeakAAwhen he sent “BambooLounge” to the showers in fifth place. Blinds were 45,000/90,000/11,250a at the time. PipthsqueakAA opened in the cutoff with Kd-7c and called when BambooLounge three-bet all-in for 479,453 with Tc-Ts from the big blind. A king landed on the all-spade flop and another on the turn. BambooLounge needed a spade or ten on the river but it never came. He busted and collected $3,052.

Another scalp went to PipthqeakAA when he eliminated “proletariat” in fourth. Again, the chips went into the middle preflop. Pipthqueak raised on the button before calling proletariat’s 11 big blind jam. It was As-Qd versus Kc-Ts and PipthqueakAA flopped trip tens. They were enough to reduce the player count by one; proletariat scooped $4,032 for his efforts.

Heads-Up Set

Third-place and $5,768 went to Aiden13 who can be proud of his performance. Aiden13 was short stacked with only 7.8 big blinds. These went into the middle from the small blind holding Qh-8c. PipthqueakAA called in the big blind with Ah-6d. The board ran Th-7c-7s-2s-Js and ace-high was good enough to bust Aiden13.

It didn’t take long for the tournament to conclude thanks to PipthqueakAA holding a big chip lead. The final hand took place during the 80,000/160,000/20,000a level. PipthqueakAA open-shoved with Js-9c and “treetrap” called off his 2,046,126 stack with Ac-6d.

The 4h-Jd-Qs flop propelled PipthqueakAA into the lead. The 8d turn kept him there and the 4d ended the tournament.

A superb showing from treetrap who won the $100K Gtd Kickoff event at the start of the series. That result netted him $18,080 and this runner-up finish added another $7,812 to that sum. The champion bagged $13,328 and a whole heap of confidence going into the series’ finale.

Completed WPT Online Borgata Events

Event Entrants Prize pool Champions Prize
$100K Gtd Kickoff 145 $100,000 treetrap $18,080
$10K Gtd NLHE R+A 175 $23,500 Yong “IReadYrSoul” Kwon $6,932
$30K Gtd 8-Max Freezeout 111 $30,000 Ross “thehebrewhammer” Gottleib $9,823
$20K Gtd NLHE 216 $43,200 Gohednpopoff $9,078
$25K Gtd PKO 97 $48,500 Eric “alwaysliquid” Vanauken $14,256
$20K Gtd Six-Max NLHE 280 $56,000 PipthqueakAA $13,328

Only two more events remain on the schedule. September 19 sees the $320 buy-in $30K Gtd Progressive Knockout Bounty take place. The WPT Online Borgata Series Main Event shuffles up and deals on September 20. This $1,060 buy-in Goliath takes place across two days and will have some seriously juicy payouts.

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