Orson Young Becomes a WPT Champions Club Member

Orson Young won the $3,500 buy-in WPT Online Borgata Poker Open to become a WPT Champions Club member. He netted $195,748.

New Jersey resident Orson Young is the latest poker player to join the exclusive WPT Champions Club. Young came out on top in the WPT Online Borgata Poker Open, a result worth $195,748.

Some 305 players bought into the online poker event for $3,500 ($3,200+$300), which left a $24,000 overlay on the $1 million guaranteed prize pool. Not that any of the 48 in-the-money players cared because they banked some previous free EV.

Alex Rocha was the first to cash. Rocha’s 48th place finish came with a $5,615 payday. Other who cashed included Champions Club member Soheb Porbandarwala, Katie Stone, and Frank Funaro.

Young Second in Chips at the Final Table

Each of the eight finalists locked in a $24,625 cash prize. However, the top three places awarded six-figure scores so nobody wanted the lesser sum.

Young sat down at the final table with 50 big blinds, which were enough for second place. Only Dan Buzgon, with 58 big blinds, had Young out-chipped.

It did not take long for the final table to lose a player. The action folded to “justliberto” in the small blind and he raised to 3.1 million with As-Qs. “DoURespectWood” called from the big blind with Ts-8s, and the flop fell Ah-Th-3c. justliberto fired a 1.8 million continuation bet, which DoURespectWood called. The Ac turn saw justliberto shove for 37.7 million, and DoURespectWood called off his 13 million stack. Game over.

Ryan Hohner finished seventh for $34,475. Buzgon raised to 2.5 million, Hohner three-bet to 16.8 million from the button, and Young moved all-in from the big blind for 57.7 million. Buzgon mucked, but Hohner called off his 21.9 million stack. It was Jh-Jd for Young, Ah-Qd for Hohner, and a Td-9d-8s-6s-Kh board.

Sixth place and $47,280 went to “CNC_LY.” They open-shoved for 15 big blinds from the hijack with Ac-9c. justliberto called on the button with Ah-Ks, and the blinds folded. CNC_LY flopped two pair but justliberto turned a better two pair as the five community cards fell Ad-9d-4c-Ks-7h.

betbetbet Busts Busts Busts

A cooler of a hand during the 800,000/1,600,000/200,000a level sent “betbetbet” to the showers. justliberto made it 3.4 million to go with Ad-Ac, and betbetbet three-bet to 44.1 million with Jd-Jc from the button. justliberto responded with a shove to 51.5 million, and betbetbet called off the few chips he had behind. The 7c-6d-3h-2h-7s board busted betbetbet.

justliberto continue busting foes when he won a coinflip to send “FitzroidPoo” to the rail. FitzroidPoo jammed all-in for 18 big blinds from the button with 5s-5c. justliberto called from the small blind with As-Qc, and won the flip courtesy of the Js-9h-4d-7s-Qd board.

Each of the surviving players now had at least $102,933 for their efforts. Buzgon collected this prize. Buzgon moved all-in for 55.9 million from the small blind with Kc-Tc during the 1,400,000/2,800,000/350,000a level. Young snap-called with As-Ts and the battle of the blinds was on. The Qs-8s-4s flop gave Young a flush and locked up the hand, rendering the 7h turn and 6h river meaningless.

That hand gave Young a huge chip lead, which justliberto cut in half on the first hand on heads-up. The pair got their stacks in with Ad-Kc and Kh-Kd, and justliberto’s cowboys held.

The comeback did not last long. justliberto opened with Kd-9d and called when Young three-bet to 23 million with Kh-Qd. Young continued for 12.3 million on the Ks-7c-2h flop and justliberto called. Young bet 30.8 million on the 4d turn, which was called. The Jd river saw Yound rip it in for 96.4 million, and justliberto snap-called for less, only to see the bad news.

justliberto banked $135,930 with Young scooping $195,748.

WPT Online Borgata Poker Open Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Orson Young $195,748
2 justliberto $135,930
3 Dan Buzgon $102,933
4 FitzroidPoo $76,830
5 betbetbet $61,070
6 CNC_LY $47,280
7 Ryan Hohner $34,475
8 DoURespectWood $24,625

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