Five Steps to the Perfect Online Poker Setup

Learn how to build the perfect online poker setup

You do not need a powerful computer or cutting edge monitor to play online poker. Just like you do not need special running shoes to participate in a marathon, but it helps. Creating the perfect online poker setup is easier than you think.

There is a saying that goes “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” and this runs true in the poker world. New football players buy kit that does the job before upgrading to better pads and helmets once they start taking the game more seriously.

Online poker payers can enjoy the game of poker on most modern devices. You can play at sites such as Bovada from most cell phones, although we would not recommend it. Playing from a mobile device is great for emergencies or one-off sessions. Do not make a habit of it if you want to progress as a poker player, you need better tools.

Start Building Your Online Poker Setup

A quality gaming chair is a vital component of any online poker setup

Forget about video cards and processors. Remove any thoughts of 4K resolution monitors. Start building your online poker setup by choosing the correct chair. It makes sense when you think about it logically. Regardless of you preferring tournament poker or cash games, you will be seated for a significant period of time.

Poor quality chairs can affect blood flow around your body. Your posture is affected, causing head and neck pain and the dreaded fatigue. Opt for a good quality gaming chair with armrests, lumbar and neck support. A good quality chair will pay for itself in next to no time as you can play for longer.

What Computer to Use For Online Poker?

Computers can be built relatively cheaply if you're on a budget

Choosing between a laptop or a desktop computer to play online poker on is a matter of preference. Make sure you purchase a Windows-based machine, however, as online poker sites always update their Windows software first.

Buying a computer of the shelf is often more expensive than having one custom built. Dozens of computer building companies exist in all states, check out their reviews before parting with your cash.

Online poker sites do not tend to be resource-intensive meaning super powerful components are not needed. An Intel i5 processor will be more than suffice, just ensure it has an “H” suffix. This means it is a high-powered version rather than “U” which uses less power and is, therefore, less powerful. Go for an i7 or an i9 if you want to future-proof your machine or play the latest video games.

16GB of RAM should be more than enough for your online poker setup. 8GB would probably be enough but opt for 16GB if your funds permit.

A solid-state hard drive (SSD) is your best option. There are no moving parts so hard drive failures are rare. They are also much faster than a standard hard drive, saving you vital seconds, which add up quickly.

Which Monitors Are Best For Playing Online Poker

how many monitors do you use when playing online poker

The price of a good quality monitor has dropped over the years. A couple of hundred bucks will buy you a monitor good enough for your online poker setup. Obviously, you do not need a monitor if you have opted for a laptop instead of a desktop.

Screen size is important, but so is the resolution. Do not buy anything with less than 1920×1080 resolution, otherwise known as HD. Newer monitors are capable of 4K resolution, although this is overkill for the purpose of online poker.

Remember the higher the resolution, the smaller your tables, cards and chips look on your screen. A larger screen will help this, or even opting for a dual-screen setup. Many top professional online poker players use two monitors, one for their tables and one for the lobbies.

Invest in a Gaming Mouse

do not be a Scrouge when it comes to buying a gaming mouse

Your chair aside, your mouse is something that needs to be extremely comfortable. Like the chair, you will be in contact with your mouse for your entire poker session.

Adding a gaming mouse to your online poker setup is a great idea. Find one that is wired and not wireless, and that is LED or laser and not a ball. This helps prevent you running out of power at the wrong moment, plus they are more accurate.

Some mice have programmable buttons that you can preset to raise or fold, helping reduce fatigue.

You Need a Backup Internet Connection

reliability is better than speed when it comes to your online poker setup internet connection

Your internet connection should ideally be wired to help increase reliability. Huge download speed is not required, yet you need big numbers if several members of your household also use the same connection. If you can afford it, a separate internet connection to the rest of your house is best. With this in mind, invest in a secondary internet connection, something like a wireless dongle will suffice. This is in case your usual connection drops, making it impossible to continue playing.

Creating an online poker setup is easier than you think and not nearly as expensive as you would imagine. Just spend some time researching parts and always ask experts for advice.

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