Michael Casson Banks $280K As Seminole HRPS Breaks Records

Read about how Michael Casson won $280,000

Michael Casson won the first six-figure prize of his career at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown. Casson topped a field of 3,902 entrants in the $600 Deep Stack event and walked away with $280,000.

The tournament’s crowd was far larger than expected. Organizers placed a $500,000 guarantee on the prize pool. They collected $2,048,550 thanks to the incredible, unexpected turnout. The bumper prize pool meant each of the eight finalists locked in at least $35,350.

Final Table Set; Casson Fifth in Chips

The eight-handed final table commenced with Shai Arbel holding the chip lead. Casson’s 6,300,000 stack, worth 21 big blinds, placed him fifth at the start of play.

Jake Schwartz was the first player to bust from the final table. Schwartz raised to 1,350,000 at the 150,000/300,000/300,000a level, leaving himself only 150,000 chips behind. Arbel called, and the flop fell Tc-7s-4d. Schwartz stuck in his last 150,000, and Arbel called. It was Qh-9h for Schwartz, and 9c-7c for Arbel. The pair of sevens held, and Schwartz busted.

Jose Montes crashed out in seventh place, a finish good for $49,060. Montes was down to eight big blinds when he found 4s-4c in the hijack. Montes pushed all-in, and Aleksandr Denisov called from the big blind with As-Kh. Denisov’s ace-king improved to a Broadway straight by the river of the Qd-Js-7s-Ks-Th board.

The final six became five when Denisov had his aces cracked. Denisov min-raised to 1,200,000 under the gun with As-Ac, and Andrew Heckman called with Qc-7s in the big blind. Both players checked to the turn of the Qs-Qd-4c-3d board. Heckman bet 800,000 and was called. The 5c river saw Heckman jam all-in for 5,500,000 effective. Denisov reluctantly called and saw the bad news.

Casson On Fire

Casson found a timely double through Arbel when his Td-Ts held against 9s-9d. He then all but busted Arbel when he found Kh-Kc against Arbel’s Ah-Kd. That hand left Arbel with less than a single big blind, and Casson won that from him.

The change of fortunes put Casson in a commanding position with only four players remaining.

A short-stacked Shane Raikes headed for the showers after a clash with Evan Sandberg did not go to plan. Raikes committed his short stack with Jd-6d and ran into Sandberg’s Ac-Kd. Raikes paired his jack on the flop, but the Jc-7c-3c-5s-2c board four-flushed with clubs, and Sandberg held the ace of clubs.

Heads-up was set when Casson busted Sandberg. All the chips went into the middle on the river of the Ts-8s-3s-9d-Ac board. Sandberg called the all-in with Tc-2h, but Casson’s Js-4s, which flopped a flush, had that crushed.

Surprisingly, that was the last hand played. Casson and Heckman struck a heads-up deal despite the former holding a 64,200,000 to 13,800,000 chip lead. The deal saw Casson bank $280,000 and the trophy, Heckman collected $242,085.

$600 Deep Stack NLHE Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Michael Casson $280,000*
2 Andrew Heckman $242,085*
3 Evan Sandberg $158,400
4 Shane Raikes $122,700
5 Shai Arbel $92,250
6 Aleksandr Denisov $67,700
7 Jose Montes $49,060
8 Jake Schwartz $35,350

*reflects a heads-up deal

Seminole HRPO Results

Players have poured into the casino despite fears COVID-19 related restrictions would prevent them from doing so. The bumper crowds mean we should see a massive WPT Main Event. That kicks off on April 23, costing $3,500 to enter. Stay tuned to discover who takes that down and for how much.

Champion Prize Event Entrants
Donald Maloney $9,236 $400 Limit Omaha 8 159
Barak Zaken $12,545 $400 H.O.R.S.E. 153
Greg Fishberg $22,060 $400 Deep Stack PL Omaha 311
Yaymel Bodes $23,838 $400 Deep Stack NLHE 409
Ryan Hogan $72,065 $1,100 Deep Stack NLHE 446
James Diaz $15,975 $400 Seniors 50+ 386
James Anderson $35,540 $600 Double Black Chip Bounty 582
Chris Kondrat $13,070 $400 Black Chip Bounty PLO 251
Carlos Dorca $7,698 $150 Big Stack NLHE 585
Chris Tryba $9,620 $400 Omaha 8/Stud 8 105
Joseph Di Rosa Rojas $50,920 $600 Big Stack Six-Max NLHE 570
Jesse Mull $14,245 $400 Six-Max PLO8 183
Dorian Rios $17,984 $600 Deep Stack Turbo NLHE 228

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