McKeehen and Elias Chop SHRPO $25K High Roller

Joe McKeehen and Darren Elias chopped the 2021 SHRPO $25,500 Super High Roller event, and shared more than $1 million dollars between them.

Joe McKeehen added another title to his poker resume when he won the $25,500 Super High Roller event at the 2021 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open in Florida. McKeehen chopped the tournament when heads-up with Darren Elias and won $550,990.

Ninety-one players bought into the $25,500 Super High Roller and created a $2,247,700 prize pool. Nobody at the final table walked away with less than $65,185 such was the massive prize pool.

Elias improved his chances of victory by sending Chad Eveslage to the rail in ninth. The four-time WPT champion min-raised to 80,000, Joseph Cheong called on the button, and Evelsage squeezed all-in for 590,000. Elias came over the top, and Cheong folded. Eveslage turned over Js-Jh, but Elias held Kh-Kd. The 6s-5h-2c-Ts-6c board sent Eveslage to the showers.

The tournament became an all-male affair when Nadya Magnus crashed out. Magnus raised all-in for a mere 1.5 big blinds, and Jake Daniels called from the small blind. McKeehen made it 250,000 to go, which folded out Daniels. McKeehen showed Ad-4h, Magnus 3s-3h, and the board ran Qd-Qc-Jh-Jc-Kc.

Seventh-place went to Dylan Smith, who ran into Cheong’s monster. McKeheen min-raised to 100,000 from early position, only for Smith to move all-in for 230,000. Cheong four-bet to 350,000, and McKeehen mucked. Smith showed Ad-3c, but Cheong held Ks-Kc. Neither player improved on the 9d-8h-3c-Jd-7h board, and Smith busted.

McKeehen Takes Charge Short-Handed

The waters of the tournament became less shark-infested when McKeehen dispatched Cheong in sixth. Cheong jammed his eight big blinds from the cutoff with Ah-6c, and McKeheen called with As-7d in the small blind. The five community cards ran Kd-9s-2h-3s-Qd to send Cheong home.

Each of the remaining five players locked in a six-figure prize. David Peters was the first of this quintet to get his hands on one such reward. Peters busted after check-calling an 80,000 Elias bet on a 6c-4c-2h flop. He check-called a 225,000 bet on the Ks turn before checking again on the 8c river. Elias set him all-in, and Peters called with As-Ah. Elias showed Kc-7c for a flush, and Peters crashed out.

McKeehen was in control when four-handed play began, but Elias kept tabs on the former WSOP Main Event champion. Elias found Ks-Kc when Daniels three-bet all-in with 3c-3d. His kings held, and Daniels walked away with the $197,800 third-place prize.

Pocket kings appeared during the next elimination, this time in the hands of McKeehen, who busted Thomas Boivin. McKeehen min-raised to 120,000 before calling the 660,000 all-in bet from Boivin. It was Kh-Kd versus Ah-8c, and a 9c-Jd-3h-4s-Jc board sent the tournament heads-up.

Heads-Up Lasts Two Hands

Spectators settled in for what should have been an epic heads-up battle. However, the contest ended after only two hands. Both players were relatively even in chips, so they struck a deal. The deal left $11,855 to flip for.

The first flop saw McKeehen’s Jc-2c against Elias’ 9h-4h. An 8d-Jh-7h-7c-Td board gifted McKeehen a straight and a massive advantage. Flip number two saw McKeehen’s Jc-3d beat Elias’ 5c-3c courtesy of the Qd-7d-6s-Th-Kh community cards.

Place Player Prize
1 Joe McKeehen $550,990*
2 Darren Elias $539,135*
3 Thomas Boivin $285,460
4 Jake Daniels $197,800
5 David Peters $128,120
6 Joseph Cheong $96,650
7 Dylan Smith $78,670
8 Nadya Magnus $67,430
9 Chad Eveslage $65,185

*reflects a heads-up deal

This latest victory pushes McKeehen’s lifetime winnings past the $18 million mark, $18,245,794 to be exact. It is the Pennsylvania grinder’s fifth-largest career score, which is impressive. Of course, the largest of his prizes is the $7,683,346 he reeled in after winning the 2015 WSOP Main Event.

The $539,135 Elias netted is the second-largest of his illustrious career. Elias’ largest haul is $843,744, his reward for winning the 2014 WPT Borgata Poker Open.

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