LetMeWin3437 Triumphs in PACOOP Main Event For $46,319

LetMeWin3437 won the PACOOP Main Event online for more than $46,000.

“LetMeWin3437” emerged victoriously from the 2020 PokerStars Pennsylvania Championship Of Online Poker (PACOOP) Main Event earlier this week and walked away with $46,319.

Online poker is relatively new in Pennsylvania and PokerStars is one of the first sites in the Keystone State. The PACOOP was a series of 20 events that paid out more than $2 million. LetMeWin3437 got his hands on a large chunk of that prize money by winning two events.

Victory in the $100 No-Limit Hold’em PKO netted LetMeWin3437 almost $5,500. Being the last man standing in the $300 buy-in Main Event saw him net another $46,319.

Some 1,013 players bought into the Main Event and only 89 made it through to Day 2. Those 89 were in the money after the bubble burst during Day 1. A steady stream of eliminations saw the nine-handed final table reached quickly. The eventual champion started the final table in the envious position of chip leader.

Final Table Set; LetMeWin3437 Leads

Starting a final table as the big stack is a great spot to be in. LetMeWin3437 sat down with 34,483,227 chips, over 22 million more than anyone else.

“love2playpoker” was the first finalists eliminated. “ryan.lamb713” in-raised to 800,000 and called when love2playpoker three-bet all-in for 4,595,000. The initial raiser held ace-queen and was flipping against jacks. An ace on the flop was enough to sent love2playpoker to the showers.

Eighth-place went to “1BoomSwitch” who had half of his stack in the middle in the big blind. “staxthagawd” open-shoved for seven big blinds and 1BoomSwitch called all-in. It was Ks-Tc for staxthagawd against the lowly 4h-2c. staxthagawd flopped a ten and the final table lost another player.

“goodfundies” busted in seventh place at the hands of “Lirek154.” Lirek154 min-raised to 1,000,000 and both LetMeWin3437 and goodfundies called. The flop fell Td-9d-2d and goodfundies moved all-in for 4,600,000. Lirek154 jammed over the top and LetMeWin3437 folded. Lirek154 turned over Qs-Qc and was against Kh-Th. The ladies held and goodfundies headed to the exits.

The final four-figure prize of the evening went to “ChrundleTheGr8”, the sixth-place finisher. The action folded to him in the small blind and he fired in his last 10 big blinds with Kd-9d. LetMeWin3437 called in the big blind with Ad-Jd. A jack landed on the flop and it was enough to eliminate ChrundleTheGr8.

Everyone Locks Up Five-Figures

ryan.lamb713 crashed out in fifth and secured $12,022, the first five-figure prize of the Main Event. He called a preflop raise from LetMeWin3437 and then called down all three streets as the board ran Ks-8h-6c-2h-Qs. ryan.lamb713 showed As-Kd after calling a river shove, only for LetMeWin3437 turn over 8c-8s.

Four became three when “Charityy1” fell by the wayside. A short-stacked Lirek154 moved all-in with As-7h and Charityy1 called off their last six big blinds with Ad-6c. Lirek spiked a seven and avoided a plethora of outs on the turn and river to bust Charityy1.

Heads-up was set almost immediately after Charityy1’s demise. Lirek154’s Kd-9d couldn’t beat the As-Qc of staxthagawd with the chips going in on an Ac-6d-5d flop.

LetMeWin3437 held a 74,434,898 to 26,865,102 chip advantage over staxthagawd. It didn’t take long to press home that advantage.

The final hand took place during the 400,000/800,000 level. LetMeWin3437 opened to 1,600,000 with Ah-7s and staxthagawd three-bet to 5,600,000 with 5c-3c. LetmeWin3437 pushed all-in and staxthagawd called off his last 15,000,000. The board ran 9s-8h-4s-8s-2s and LetMeWin3437 got his hands on all 101,300,000 chips!

PACOOP Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 LetMeWin3437 $46,319
2 staxthagawd $33,060
3 Lirek154 $23,597
4 Charityy1 $16,843
5 ryan.lamb713 $12,022
6 ChrundleTheGr8 $8,580
7 goodfundies $6,124
8 1BoomSwitch $4,371
9 love2playpoker $3,120

Matthew Pitt

If it’s something you can play online for real money, chances are Matthew knows a bit about it. He’s been writing about slots, craps and poker for the better part of the last decade. He’s written for PokerNews, PartyPoker and many other respected online gambling websites during the last nine years.


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