King’s Resort Owner Tsoukernik Sues Facebook

Leon Tsoukernik, King's Resort owner

The owner of King’s Resort, Leon Tsoukernik, has filed a lawsuit against the social media giant Facebook. Tsoukernik’s claim is for approximately $23 million in damages relating to a series of fake mobile advertisements.

Tsoukernik opened King’s Resort in Rozvadoz, Czech Republic, in June 2003. It boasts the largest poker room in Europe, with room for more than 160 tables. King’s Resort has hosted the World Series of Poker Europe festival each year since 2017, while massive cash games and tournaments run during the rest of the year.

An online casino is one thing King’s Resort does not have. Tsoukernik prefers his customers to visit the casino, where poker is the primary focus.

Tsoukernik Warns of a Casino Scam

A notice appeared on the King’s Resort on March 22 that warned people of a potential casino scam.

“You may have come across a sponsored link with a photo of the Rozvadoz King’s entrance, enticing you to play an online casino game. Please note that this is a scam, we have nothing to do with this advertisement.”

“Our logo with the King’s entrance appeared as a sponsored link to players on Facebook, enticing them with the promise of an online game.”

Avoid downloading unverified gaming sites. We strongly recommend that you do not send any amount of money.”

“Please note that this application is not affiliated with King’s Resort.”

The offending adverts appeared on Facebook using photographs of King’s Resort. The advert encouraged players to download the casino app to receive a CZK3,000 ($140) bonus when they created an account.

It was not only imagery that the advertisement used. It featured phrases, including “The best Czech casino is now online!” strongly suggesting the app was from King’s Resort seeing how they are the big player in Czech casinos.

King’s Resort Owner Explains Reason For Suing Facebook

Casino operators from the Czech Republic need official licenses. Facebook has a duty of care to its customers to ensure gambling companies advertising on its platform have all the necessary papers. An angry Tsoukernik explains more.

“Someone who cannot be traced and therefore doesn’t even have a license to operate has decided to use our name, our casino, and advertise on Facebook. As a result, Facebook is helping fraudsters and takes money for it. That’s why we’re suing them for harm.”

“In other media, if we want to advertise, they require us to prove the license, trademarks for the logo and the like. Even two years ago, Facebook demanded it from us, so I don’t understand how they can release such fraudulent advertising.”

Tsoukernik’s lawsuit aims to win €20 million from the social media giant.

This Is Not The King’s Owner’s First Lawsuit

Tsoukernik was involved in another high-profile lawsuit in 2017. What started as a relatively friendly heads-up poker battle with Matt Kirk ended in the courts.

Kirk, an Australian high-stakes cash game player, locked horns with Tsoukernik in a one-on-one battle at ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on May 27, 2017. It is alleged Tsoukernik was under the influence of alcohol and borrowed $3 million from Kirk.

Tsoukernik lost all $3 million to Kirk but only repaid $1 million to the Australian. Kirk sued Tsoukernik for the unpaid $2 million, but the Czech millionaire counter-sued, claiming ARIA bankrolled Kirk and has a piece of Kirk’s action.

Courts threw out both claims, with Tsoukernik stating gambling debts are not enforceable. Fellow casino owner Rob Yong acted as an intermediary for the pair. He negotiated Kirk receive $2 million cash, and the pair play heads-up for the other $1 million when Tsoukernik sobered up.

A heated exchange took place between Kirk and Tsoukernik at the casino’s cashier cage. Kirk ultimately received $1 million in cash and vowed to use the money to “destroy” the welching Tsoukernik.

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