Johnny Oshana Crowned MSPT Poker Bowl V For $130,000

Johnny Oshana is the MSPT Poker Bowl V champion, an accolade that came with $130,000

Johnny Oshana is the latest player to become an MSPT champion after the took down the MSPT Poker Bowl V event at The Venetian, Las Vegas.

Some 908 entrants bought in across the available starting flights and only 116 made it to Day 2. Only 96 of those 116 returnees cashed in the event. Such luminaries as Tim Reilly, Ralph Massey, former WSOP Main Event champion Ryan Riess, and Adam Hendrix were among those who reached the money places.

David Gu burst the final table bubble when his As-5h couldn’t get there against Joris Springael’s 7h-7d.

Oshana Leads Eight-Handed Final Table

Seat Player Chips
1 Brandon Eisen 975,000
2 Joris Springael 4,000,000
3 Kfir Nahum 1,800,000
4 Seungmook Jung 1,125,000
5 Erik Cajelais 1,840,000
6 Johnny Oshaha 6,900,000
7 Jordan Cristos 2,550,000
8 Quy Dao 2,700,000

Canada’s Erik Cajelais was the first player to bust from the final table. Cajelais added $14,092 to his $3.6 million in live winnings. Cajelais min-raised to 200,000 with 9s-9d and Seungmook Jung called in the big blind with 5c-4c. The 7h-4h-4d flop saw Cajelais bet 200,000, Jung raised to 650,000, and Cajelais jam for 1,600,000. Jung called and turned a full house on the 5s turn. The 3s river completed the board and Cajelais’ demise.

Kfir Nahum fell in seventh place for $20,257 after a clash with Oshana left him with less than a small blind. Nahum busted the next hand.

Oshana sent Quy Dao to the rail in sixth place. Two million chips were already in the pot when Dao pushed all-in on the 3h-Jh-5s flop. Oshana called with Qs-Jd with Dao turning over Tx-Tx. Dao failed to connect with the turn or river, which meant his tournament was over.

Fifth-place and $34,350 went to Brandon Eisen. The action folded to Jordan Cristos on the button and he moved all-in, covering both blinds. Eisen tanked before calling off his last 10 big blinds with Ad-8d. Cristos showed As-Kh which held as the five community cards ran Kc-Js-6d-7d-5s.

Four Way Deal Struck; MSPT Poker Bowl V Final Table Results

Eisen’s elimination was the final one of the final table because the remaining four players struck a deal. Jung and Springael both collected $85,000, Cristos $119,232, and Oshana $130,000 and the title.

The deal-making wasn’t plain sailing. The final four played for an hour before deciding to look at the numbers. Jung was adamant he wasn’t taking home less than $85,000 and was prepared to play on. Cristos pointed out an ICM deal paid Jung $81,000 but Jung wanted $85,000.

Cristos gave some money from his winnings to ensure the tournament concluded with a deal.

Place Player Hometown Prize
1 Johnny Oshana Los Altos, California $130,000*
2 Jordan Cristos Las Vegas, Nevada $119,232*
3 Joris Springael Glendale, Arizona $85,000*
4 Seungmook Jung South Korea $85,000*
5 Brandon Eisen Las Vegas, Nevada $34,350
6 Quy Dao San Jose, California $26,423
7 Kfir Nahum Henderson, Nevada $20,257
8 Erik Cajelais Montreal, Canada $14,092

*reflects a four-way deal

Oshana, a mechanical engineer by trade, said winning the tournament “felt great”. The deal made sense because there were only 70 big blinds in play so the result could have gone either way for any of the players.

This is Oshana’s biggest poker score by far. He had $21,325 in winnings before this $130,000 haul. His previous largest result came in October 2018 in San Jose. Oshana finished fourth in a $550 buy-in event and banked $5,970. Now he’s multiplied his lifetime winnings by six!

Oshana revealed his plans for his newfound wealth; he is paying off his son’s car for a start. Smart move.

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