Jeremy Ausmus Continues Impressive Run With Another High Roller Win

Jeremy Ausmus took down yet another high roller poker tournament when he took down the $15,000 PokerGO Cup event in Las Vegas.

The impressive run of Jeremy Ausmus continued this week with yet another victory in a high roller event. Ausmus, who hails from Colorado, finished second in a $10,000 PokerGO Cup event for $144,000. He followed that up with victory in a $15,000 PokerGO Cup tournament for an additional $263,250.

Ausmus secured two WSOP bracelets this fall. The first came in a $1,000 COVID-19 charity event for $46,687. However, bracelet number two came in the $50,000 Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller. That victory came with $1,188,918.

Other results include a $112,035 score for a sixth-place finish in a $50,000 buy-in WPT tournament. It is fair to say Ausmus is on fire right now.

Ausmus Comes Back To Take Down $15K Event

Sixty-five players bought into the $15,000 buy-in event but only six reached the final table. PokerGO founder Cary Katz lead the way at the final table with his 2,160,000 stack. Ausmus languished in fifth with 900,000 chips.

Jesse Lonis was the first player to bust from the final table, doing so in dramatic fashion. Justin Saliba min-raised to 100,000 with Jh-Jc, Ausmus three-bet all-in for 755,000 with Ts-Td, only for Lonis to call off his last 660,000 chips with As-Ac. Saliba called to put two players at risk of elimination. Ausmus improved to a set on the 4d-Th-8d flop. That set remained best on the 6s turn and the 5h river, busting Lonis.

Saliba never recovered from handing over half of his stack and he fell in fifth place. Brock Wilson opened to 140,000 with Ad-Jc, and Saliba three-bet all-in for 240,000 with Ah-Ks, and Wilson called. The five community cards ran Qc-4d-Qh-Jh-4c, and Saliba crashed out.

Bill Klein fell in fourth place and won $97,500, the tournament’s last five-figure prize. Again, Wilson opened the betting, this time to 120,000 with Kc-9d. Klein responded by shoving for 480,000 with Kd-Td, putting the action on Katz. Katz called with Ac-Qc, forcing Wilson out of the hand. Klein needed to connect with the board but it was Katz who flopped trips with his queen. Klein was drawing dead on the turn.

Katz Leads at the Start of Three-Handed Play

Katz held 3,260,000 chips at the start of three-handed play. Wilson was in second with 3,045,000 while Ausmus brought up the rear with 1,820,000 chips.

Wilson ran best at the short-handed table and soared into the lead. However, it was Ausmus who decimated Katz’s stack. Ausmus raised to 800,000 with Ac-2h, leaving only 350,000 behind. Katz shoved for 1,550,000 with Kd-Qh, and Ausmus called all-in. The Ah-4c-Ks-9d-5s board left Katz with only 400,000 chips.

The rest of Katz’s stack went into the middle with Qh-9s but Ausmus held As-Ac. There was no drama from the Js-6c-3d-8c-3h community cards, and heads-up was set.

Wilson lead by 5,425,000 to 2,700,000 chips but victory was far from a done deal. Quite the opposite was true. Ausmus got the better of the early confrontations and clinched the lead for himself. However, neither player managed to shake off the other.

That was until 35 minutes into the one-on-one battle when blinds and antes weighed in at 50,000/125,000/125,000a. Ausmus set Wilson in for his last ten big blinds, and Wilson called with Ac-4h. Wilson’s hand was better than his opponent’s Qs-3c but only as far as the turn of the Kc-8h-4s-Qh-Jc board. Wilson fell in second and won $195,000 leaving the champion to scoop the $263,250 top prize.

PokerGO Cup Event #4 Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Jeremy Ausmus $263,250
2 Brock Wilson $195,000
3 Cary Katz $126,750
4 Bill Klein $97,500
5 Justin Saliba $78,000
6 Jesse Lonis $58,500

Winning this event gave the champion a substantial lead in the PokerGO Cup Leaderboard. He has 407 points with Katz in second place with 294 chips. Indeed, there is a long way to go because some huge events are on the horizon, but it is advantage Ausmus right now.

Brad Johnson

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