Jake Schindler Triumphs in $25K Aria High Roller Event

Jake Schindler now has almost $26 million in live poker tournament winnings

Jake Schindler went from zero to hero in the latest round of PokerGO Aria High Roller events. Schindler came out on top of a compact but talented field of 27 entrants in the $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em tournament.

$25,000 buy-in tournaments tend to attract the best poker players in the business, and this one was no different. The entry list read like a who’s who of the poker world; any of the players would have made a worth champion.

The compact field meant only the top four finishers received a slice of the $675,000 prize pool. German superstars Manig Loeser was one of the early casualties after running his Qc-Qh into the Ah-Ac of Sean Winter.

Spanish sensation Sergio Aido busted not once but twice in what was an expensive afternoon.

Daniel Negreanu rid the field of a dangerous player when he sent Stephen Chidwick to the showers. Winter opened to 4,500 from the cutoff, and Chidwick called on the button. Ali Imsirovic folded from the small blind, but Negreanu three-bet to 19,000 in the big blind. Only Chidwick called. A Th-6s-7c flop saw Negreanu lead for 20,000 before calling Chidwick’s all-in bet of 61,000. Negreanu showed As-8d and Chidwick the Tc-9c. An ace on the turn put Negreanu ahead, and the river missed Chidwick.

Chidwick re-bought but busted again when his 9s-9h lost a coinflip against Winter’s Ks-Jc.

Schindler Short As Field Thins

Schindler found himself in the stressful position of being relatively short-stacked as the field thinned. He gained some chips when his Kc-Th came from behind to stack Sean Perry, who held Ah-Kh.

Chris Brewer burst the money bubble during Level 12. His Ac-Qs was against Eric Worre‘s 4s-4c in a coinflip worth $67,500. Worre flopped a set and sent Brewer home in fifth place.

Schindler saw his stack soar when he picked off a Negreanu bluff. The comeback from one of the final table’s short stacks was almost complete.

Johan Guilbert and Negreanu busted in the same hand to leave the tournament heads-up. Schindler raised to 60,000, Negreanu called in the small blind, only for Guilbert to three-bet all-in for 260,000. Both Schindler and Negreanu called. The flop fell Kx-Qx-4x with two diamonds, and Schindler bet 135,000 when checked to. Negreanu check-raised all-in for 720,000, which Schindler called.

Guilbert turned over Ad-3d, Negreanu the Ks-Td, but Schindler held As-Ac. Those aces held as the 6h turn and 4s river completed the community cards.

The double-elimination left Schindler with a 2,375,000 to 1,000,000 chip lead over Worre. It did not take long for the tournament to conclude. The final hand was the first hand of Level 14, where the blinds were 20,000/40,000/40,000a.

Worre min-raised to 80,000, and Schindler called. Worre greeted the Js-3s-6h flop with an all-in 790,000 bet, which was called. Schindler Jh-4d for top pair, with Worre holding Ks-8s for a flush draw. The 5d turn kept Schindler in front, with the Jh river improving him to trips. Worre busted and banked $189,000, leaving Schindler to scoop $310,500.

Aria High Roller Event #18 Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Jake Schindler United States $310,500
2 Eric Worre United States $189,000
3 Daniel Negreanu Canada $108,000
4 Johan Guilbert France $67,500

This latest victory propels Schindler’s lifetime winnings ever closer to $26 million. Amazingly, that princely sum is only enough for 17th place in the all-time money listings.

Schindler now has an almost unbelievable 59 six-figure scores in addition to four seven-figure prizes! The $310,500 won here is the 15th largest of Schindler’s career, which goes some way to show what an incredible high stakes tournament player the man from Pennsylvania is.

Matthew Pitt

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