Hint and Tips For Playing Jack-Ten Suited

Learn some handy hints and tips fot you to try the next time you play jack-ten suited in a cash games or poker tournament,

Poker is an easy game if you look down at aces and kings all the time. Unfortunately, this does not happen, which means some creativity is needed on your part. Mixing in hands like jack-ten suited into your starting hands is a great place to start.

Jack-ten suited is the strongest suited connector-type hand before you get to Broadway hands like king-queen. It performs well post-flop thanks to the ability to make straights and flushes. Furthermore, it is flipping with pairs of nines or less, and even has 20% equity against aces and kings.

Playing jack-ten suited is not all sunshine and rainbows, however. The hand comes with its own weaknesses. First, it is vulnerable to stronger flushes and straights. Flopping two pair often means you are up against a straight draw, too. In addition, pairing either card rarely leaves you with the best hand at showdown because overcards frequently appear.

Playing Jack-Ten Suited Preflop

Jack-ten suited is a strong enough hand to open-raise from any position at the table. Some players prefer limping, but any hand strong enough to play is strong enough to raise.

What you do when facing a raise depends on your position and the position of the raise. Both calling and three-betting have merit. Tend to three-bet weaker players to isolate them and outplay them post-flop. You do not want lots of fellow callers or leave yourself open to a squeeze.

Three-betting out of the blinds against a middle-to-late position raiser is the best move. It hands momentum to you and opens some bluffing and semi-bluffing opportunities.

However, against three-bets, jack-ten suited usually ends up in the muck. it is not the worst hand to four-bet as a bluff, but do not overdo that play.

When You Hit The Flop

Most hands made with jack-ten suited will not be strong enough to bet all three streets for value. Its top pairs are usually strong enough to bet two streets. Lean towards a continuation bet, checking the turn, and leading on the river. This is better than betting the flop and turn before checking the river. Why? Because you can pick off bluffs and the river can be a clear value bet spot if your opponent checks the turn.

Flopping a big hand with jack-ten suited is what it is all about. Your number one goal is to build the pot as soon as possible, as with all strong hands. Try not to slow-play your strong jack-ten suited hands because they are often vulnerable to redraws. Attempt to build a pot and if your opponents fold, they fold.

Think about betting both the flop and turn if you hit a flush draw with top pair. Again, building the pot in case the flush comes in on the river is a great way to improve your overall earnings. The flush will often miss, but the extra money you win when it hits makes up for this.

When You Miss The Flop

Missing the flop happens more often than hitting it, even with a hand like jack-ten suited. Hopefully, you raised preflop, which gives you more options when you inevitably miss the first three community cards.

The hand has no showdown value on its own; even queen-high beats it. This leads to you betting when you flop any draw at all. Play those draws fast and your opponents will fold enough even if you do not hit a straight or flush.

Furthermore, consider betting as a semi-bluff when you have some backdoor flush equity. The turn can give you a real draw, which your opponents will have difficulty putting you on.

Really connected board where you have no draw warrant a check. For example, holding Js-Ts on an 8h-7h-6c board. You have a gutshot straight, but the board hits your opponents’ ranges hard.

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