Dmitry Yurasov Becomes a Two-Time WSOP Champion

Russian pro Dmitry Yurasov got his hands on the second World Series of Poker bracelet of his career in the $1,050 PLO Bounty event.

Dmitry Yurasov became a two-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner when he triumphed in a $1,050 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty event. The tournament attracted 896 entrants who created an $896,000 prize pool. Yurasov scooped the lion’s share of the pot.

Yurasov won his first WSOP bracelet in Las Vegas in 2017. He came out on top of a 332-strong crowd in the $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed Championship. The victory came with a career-best $775,923 prize. Now he has two gold bracelets, joining the likes of David “ODB” Baker, Kahle Burns, Yuri Dzivielevski, Fedor Holz, and the legendary Dan Harrington.

Yurasov Fourth From Ten at the Restart

Only ten players progressed from Day 1 and Yurasov sat down fourth in chips. Pot-Limit Omaha is a crazy game at the best of times, but even more so with the progressive bounties in play. The final day took only three hours to crown its champion, which gives some indication to how PKO PLO events play!

The final table was played out seven-handed but was quickly down to six hopefuls when Anton Tsang crashed out. Tsang, himself a two-time WSOP bracelet winner, got the last of his chips in with Jd-Tc-9d-7c on an Ad-8h-7d flop. American David Mzareulov called with Kd-Qs-9s-7d. The 2h turn and Kc river sent Tsang to the showers.

Fausto Tantillo of Hungary was the next to fall. He limped in from the small blind for 160,000, Ami Barer three-bet to 480,000 and called when Tantillo four-bet to 1,440,000. Tantillo shoved for 2,325,522 on the 8d-6s-4d flop, and Barer called. Barer showed Ac-Kd-9c-6c, and Tantillo Ah-Ad-4s-3s. Tantillo stayed ahead on the Qc turn, but the Kh river resigned him to a sixth-place finish.

An amazing hand shortly after Tantillo’s demise sent two players to the rail at the same time.

Mzareulov opened to 560,000 with Ad-Jc-7h-2h from the cutoff, and Barer three-bet to 1,840,000 from the small blind with Qs-Tc-9h-7c. Daniel Perkusic called off his 1,395,593 stack from the big blind with Jh-Ts-Td-4h, and Mzareulov put his last 99,909 into the pot. Barer locked up the hand on the turn of the Kh-9c-4s-Jd-6c board and soared into a huge chip lead.

Barer Holds Three-Times As Many Chips As Anyone Three-Handed

Canada’s Barer was the overwhelming chip leader thanks to the exciting double elimination. He held more than 14 million chips with Yurasov in second place with approximately 4,800,000 betting tokens.

Yurasov cut the deficit to two-to-one when he eliminated Finland’s Samuel Saariaho. The Finn completed the small blind with Qh-8h-8c-2s, and Yurasov checked his option with Jd-9h-7d-6s. The flop fell Th-9c-8s, Saariaho bet 200,000 and was called. Saariaho checked the 6h turn, leading to a 665,000 Yurasov bet. Saariaho check-raised all-in for 2,615,762, and Yurasov instantly called. The Kc river completed the board and confirmed Saariaho’s demise.

A massive pot swung things in Yurasov’s favor, his set of tens holding against Barer’s flush draw. It was all over a few moments later. Yurasov opened to 750,000, and Barer called. Barer fired a 1,560,000 bet on the Td-8d-7h flop, which Yurasov raised, leading to Barer to call off the 491,180 chips he had behind. Barer showed Js-7s-5c-2c but Yurasov had flopped a straight with his Ac-9c-6h-3d. The 4s turn and 4c river busted Barer in second place, leaving the Russian to secure his second WSOP title.

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total prize
1 Dmitry Yurasov Russia $56,487 $36,224 $92,711
2 Ami Barer Canada $33,213 $36,164 $69,347
3 Samuel Saariaho FInland $4,906 $28,274 $33,630
4 Daniel Perkusic Germany $13,926 $22,805 $36,731
5 David Mzareulov United States $15,978 $18,106 $34,084
6 Fausto Tantillo Hungary $4,688 $14,375 $19,063
7 Anson Tsang Hong Kong $7,152 $9,061 $16,213

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