Poker Players With Most Cashes in Different Countries

Which players have cashed in the most different countries

Plenty of poker players lay claim to being grinders. That is, seeking value in the games they play and grinding out long hours at the tables. Some poker players are extraordinary and travel the world playing poker. An elite group have cashed in dozens of different countries. These are the players who are the true grinders.

Casey Kastle (44 cashes in different countries)

Casey Kastle has cashed in the most different countries

Slovenia’s Casey Kastle is the player who has cashed in the most different countries. Kastle has racked up cashes in 44 different countries during his career. We can’t even name that many countries!

The first of his $2,017,389 worth of cashes came from a tournament in the United States in 1998. He has since reached the money places in tournaments held in Austria, Aruba, Ukraine, Philippines, Greece and Morocco. In fact, we could fill an entire article writing about Kastle’s cashes in different countries!

Kastle may not be the most winningest player of his generation, but he is certainly the most traveled. His largest cash is worth $137,985, his reward for a second-place finish in the $1,500 PLO at the 2008 WSOP.

Miroslaw Klys (43)

Miroslaw Klys is second int he different countires cashed

Poland’s Miroslaw Klys has earned a respectable $287,037 from his live poker career, with his biggest cash being worth $18,644. The Pole’s first cash came in 2007 in his native Poland, but he has now cashed in 43 different countries.

His last seven cashes have come in Macedonia, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, and Switzerland! That is some dedication to the game of poker!

Lars Jurgens (39)

Lars Jurgens

Germany’s Lars Jurgen is another player who specializes in low-stakes tournaments. Jurgen loves to travel the world playing cards and has now cashed in 39 different countries. His results are far from spectacular with $87,131 in earnings, $10,465 of that sum stemming from one tournament, but he definitely knows his way around airports!

Jurgen has even cashed in on the tiny island of Jersey. Since when did Jersey run tournaments listed on The Hendon Mob database?

Corbin White (31)

Corbin White

Hailing from Texas, United States, Corbin White is fourth on the list of cashes in different countries with 31 flags! His first 20 cashes happened in the USA, Ireland, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Austria, China, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, France, Macau, Malta, Poland, and The Bahamas! Quite incredible.

White has amassed $643,908 in winnings. His largest score weighs in at $414,918, he received this at the 2011 WSOP.

Andrew Hills (28)

Andrew Christopher Hills the only british person in the top cashes in different countries

Andrew Hills of the United Kingdom has now cashed in 28 different countries. It is a major achievement because the first four years of his career saw him cash mostly in the UK and USA. Now he has a passport full of stamps hitting the road looking for value.

During 2019 along, Hills has cashed in the UK, San Marino, Germany, Ukraine, Romania, Spain, and the Netherlands. He’s also cashed in Estonia, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Serbia and Jersey. Wait because we’re not done yet! Hills also received prize money in Italy, Latvia, Malta, Aruba and France!

The popular pro has made $1,032,614 from live poker tournaments despite his largest cash being for $72,799.

Henri Ovaska (28)

Henri Ovaska

Finland’s Henri Ovaska must have made the decision to play in as many countries as possible because he’s reached the money in 28 countries. His first six cashes were all in different countries. Those countries being Spain, Bulgaria, Malta, France, Belgium and in international waters on a cruise ship!

Ovaska is still waiting for that career-defining prize, although he won $55,879 in one event. The Finn now has $155,098 in prize money and plenty of stories from his travels.

Katushiro Muto (26)

Katsuhiro Muto

Katushiro Muto’s 26 cashes in different countries is the most impressive because he hails from Japan. Travelling from Japan to anywhere other than Japan is a major trek so Muto should be commended for his commitment.

Muto has racked up $301,203 in winnings with his largest prize being $40,559. Cambodia, Vietnam, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada and Estonia are some

countries Muto has cashed.

Manig Loeser (25)

Manig Loeser has 25 cashes in different countries

German superstar Manig Loeser has managed to cash in 25 different countries during his career. Loeser is one of the most respected pro players in the world right now. The German has $10,979,480 in winnings and a career-best $2,162,644. You can find Loeser residing in the top 10 of the GPI thanks to his continued success.

Loeser has two countries on his resume that none of the players above has on theirs. Those are cashes in Montenegro and the Dominican Republic!

Steve O’Dwyer (25)

Steve O'Dwyer has the most winnings and ninth most cashes in different countries

Ireland-based American Steve O’Dwyer is the man with the most prize money won from this list of players. O’Dwyer specializes in super high roller tournaments and travels to different countries winning them. He has so far cashed in 25 different countries, and probably the same number in online poker events.

Some of O’Dwyer’s recent cashes came in The Bahamas, Spain, Czech Republic and Monte Carlo.

Mihails Morozovs (24)

Mihails Morozovs

Finally, with 24 cashes in different countries is Mihails Morozovs. The Latvian has accumulated $1,992,744 in live poker tournaments over the years. His largest prize was worth $695,610 which he collected for a second-place finish at 2016 EPT Barcelona.

Almost all Morozovs’ cashes stem from the USA or major European countries. However, he has also cashed in Cyprus, Morocco, and even Mauritius.

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