Daniel Sepiol Wins MSPT Riverside Main Event ($162,750)

Daniel Sepiol

Daniel Sepiol won the MSPT Riverside Main Event in Iowa this weekend and secured a career-best $162,750. Sepiol came out on top of an 862-string field to become the latest in a long line of MSPT champions.

Sepiol bought into Day 1A of the $1,100 Main Event and progressed at a canter. The man from Michigan City, Indiana, finished his flight with 199,000 chips, putting him in the middle of the pack.

Some 112 players made it through to Day 2, but only 90 of those received a slice of the $836,140 prize pool. Larry Ormson was the unfortunate soul to burst the money bubble. Ormson’s top set was no good against the flush in TJ Murphy’s hand.

WSOP bracelet winners Alex Ziskin and Chad Holloway were among those who cashed. Ziskin busted in 77th for $2,254, with Holloway bowing out in 27th for $4,841.

Sepiol Holds Chip Lead as Final Table Set

Sepiol found himself in the envious position of chip leader going into the nine-handed final table. He locked up $15,024 but knew a fourth-place or better finish would be his largest-ever prize.

Lester Crew crashed out in ninth-place at the hands of Sepiol. Blinds were 50,000/100,000/20,000a, Sepiol raised to 250,000 with As-Kc, and Crew three-bet to 450,000 with 8d-8s. Sepiol responded with a four-bet all-in, and Crew called off his last 2,000,000. Crew’s eights remained true until the river of the 5s-9s-2d-5s-Ac board.

Crew’s seat had not gone cold when Andy Rogowski lost a coinflip against Jovan Sudar. Rogowski’s 9s-9d could not hold against Sudar’s Ah-Jc courtesy of a jack on the flop.

Seventh-place and $24,205 went to Austin Hohenadel. Hohenadel was left with a shade over two big blinds after his 8c-8d lost to Jason CrewsAc-Kh. Crews got his hands on that super short stack when his Ad-Ks held against Hogenadel’s Td-5d.

The dangerous Nick Pupillo bit the dust in sixth place. Pupillo has almost $3.5 million in live tournament cashes and is a fearless opponent. Pupillo three-bet all-in for 20 big blinds with 7h-7d after Sudar opened the preflop betting. Sudar made that raise with Kd-Ks, however, so was going nowhere. A 5d-4d-Th-Tc-Qc board sent Pupillo to the showers.

Eventual Champion Goes on a Wrecking Spree

Sepiol cemented his place at the top of the chip counts by busting Renato Spahiu. Spahiu open-shoved for 4.2 big blinds from under the gun with As-6s. Sepiol called in the big blind with Js-8h and made a straight on the Th-Kc-Qd-9c-3h board.

The leader took a small break from eliminating opponents to allow Kyna England’s As-Kh to best the Kd-Ts of Sudar, leaving only three players in the hunt for the title.

The final three became two thanks to Sepiol busting England. Everyone folded to Sepiol in the small blind, and he moved all-in with Qd-Tc. England, the tournament’s last female player in the tournament, called off her 15 big blind stack with Kd-9c. A queen on the flop of the 3d-Qh-Jc-Js-3s board sent the tournament heads-up.

Sepiol led Crews by almost two-to-one, and it did not take too long to settle the event. The final hand saw all the chips pile into the middle preflop, Crews holding Ac-Ts, Sepiol the Kd-Qd. A flop reading Qc-5d-8d left Crews drawing thin. The 3s turn changed nothing, with the 7d river serving to improve Sepiol to an unnecessary flush.

MSPT Riverside Final Table Results

Place Player Hometown Prize
1 Daniel Sepiol Michigan City, Indiana $162,750
2 Jason Crews Ankeny, Iowa $100,156
3 Kyna England Northbrook, Illinois $73,782
4 Jovan Sudar Omaha, Nebraska $55,086
5 Renato Spahiu Lombard, Illinois $41,732
6 Nick Pupillo Gilbert, Arizona $31,716
7 Austin Hohenadel Muscatine, Iowa $24,205
8 Andy Rogowski Chicago, Illinois $19,197
9 Lester Crew Colana, Illinois $15,024

The $162,750 won by the champion is his largest live cash by some distance. His previous best weighed in at $52,665, which was his first-ever recorded cash! He won $5,000 at the Venetian in October 2020 and now has his first six-figure haul.

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