Dan Bilzerian Feature on Poker After Dark

Dan Bilzerian ran pretty hot in the latest Poker After Dark episode.

PokerGO relaunched the popular Poker After Dark, and the series is now into its 12th season. “Blitz Week” is the name the latest episode went by because it featured none other than Dan Bilzerian.

Poker After Dark often features some of the best poker players in the business. Blitz Week was different, however, with the field mostly made up of recreational players. Bilzerian locked horns with the likes of DJ Steve Aoki, hip hop producer Jamal “Mally Mall” Rashid, and professional boxer Chris Eubank Jr.

The cast of players bought in for amounts between $15,000 and $40,000 before locking horns in a No-Limit Hold’em cash game with $50/$100 blinds, and a $500 big blind ante.

Fireworks the Poker After Dark Blitz Week

Bilzerian got off to a flying start courtesy of finding pocket aces early on. Bill Perkins raised to $400 from early position holding 7s-7h. Aoki called with As-Qd, and Rashid called with Td-Tc. Bilzerian raised it up to $1,900 only for Perkins to make it $6,000. Aoki ducked out of the way, but Rashid jammed for $15,700. Bilzerian shipped in his $19,350, and Perkins called the all-in to create a $55,000 pot.

The 8c-Qs-9h flop got Bilzerian’s heart pumping because Rashid picked up a straight draw. There was no reason to worry because the 8s turn and 9d river were great cards for Bilzerian.

Poker After Dark Gets Better For Bilzerian

Another large pot went Bilzerian’s way when he mixed it up with a raggedy hand. Chris Eubank Jr. limped in with 7h-7d, and everyone folded around to Rashid in the small blind who raised to $300 with Qh-Qc. Bilzerian called from the big blind with Kh-3d, and Eubank Jr. tossed in calling chips.

Rashid continued for $1,000 on the 4d-2d-5s flop, and the controversial Bilzerian raised to $3,000, which prompted a fold from Eubank Jr. Rashid raised all-in for $11,750, which Bilzerian snap-called. An Ac on the turn gifted Bilzerian a straight, locking up the hand. The inconsequential 9d river sent the pot Bilzerian.

Aoki Out-punches Eubank Jr.

Eubank Jr. found himself handing over a sizeable pot to Aoki later in the Poker After Dark episode. Eubank Jr. started by raised to $400 with Kh-Qh from early position. Aoki and Rashid called in the blinds with Kc-Jc and Ac-9h, respectively. Aoki led for $1,200 on the 2h-3c-Kd flop, and only Eubank Jr. called. The Jh turn gave Eubank Jr. a flush draw to go with his top pair, but Aoki now had two pair. Aoki check-called a $2,200 bet from the boxer. The 6d completed the board, Aoki fired a $6,000 bet into the $8,500 pot, and Eubank Jr. called with an expensive second-best hand.

How Did Bilzerian Perform?

Bilzerian has often gone on record, claiming to be a world-beater when it comes to poker. He once claimed to have won $54 million from one opponent, for example. Also, he lays claims to have created the loose-aggressive style of play.

The self-proclaimed King of Instagram held his own during Blitz Week, although it is fair to say his competition was somewhat limited in regard to their poker skills. The deck was mostly kind to Bilzerian, but his timing was off with a bluff he attempted against David Bell.

Bilzerian made it $600 to go with 7c-4c after an early position limp, then called when Bell raised to $1,600 with Ad-Qh on the button. Both players checked the 4d-6d-Kd flop, Bilzerian leading out for $1,400 on the 5d turn. Bell raised to $5,000, Bilzerian clicked it back to $10,000 but quickly folded when Bell shoved all-in $30,000.

Some social media users commented on how uneasy Bilzerian looked handling the cards and chips. Others commented that they and Bilzerian would be profitable if they continually played in the Poker After Dark lineup. The jury is still out.

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