“cmase” Wins Latest $1M Gtd MoMoMoPKO Event

$5 million is guaranteed in the Venom PKO, will cmase win this event too?

The third week of the MoMoMoPKO Series wrapped up at Americas Cardroom this week and did so in style. A huge field descended on the latest $1,000,000 guaranteed event and “cmase” excelled.

cmase was one of the 1,569-entrants in the $620 buy-in event. That field size resulted in an overlay of $58,600 which Americas Cardroom added to the prize pool. Those starters fought it out for a share of the $529,300 main prize pool and $470,700 worth of bounties.

The top 180 finishers received a prize from the main prize pool. $582 was a min-cash with a final table appearance boosting this to $5,504.

“domoAlyGato” busted from the final table in ninth for $5,504 plus $4,500 worth of bounties. “b00ma” followed him to the rail with a combined prize worth $10,956.

Everyone, including cmase, was now only six eliminations away from becoming a MoMoMoPKO champion. That figure became five with the elimination of “airmezz” who banked a combined $18,574.

cmase Eyes The Massive Top Prize

All the remaining prizes were at least $30,000 with bounties taken into consideration. “Obelisk1” secured $36,264 thanks to amassing $15,622 from the bounty prize pool. This was more than the $30,472 “kwansolo” padded their bankroll with after busting one place deeper.

The bounties were now massive and having a major effect on the remaining players’ decisions. Cmase kept making the correct choices and soon found himself heads-up for the title.

“pagodeiro31” and “Barewire” busted before that happened. The former won $51,188 with the latter walking away with $62,867. Matters were suddenly very serious indeed.

Both cmase and “rocky1717” guaranteed themselves $77,092 from the main prize pool, a massive prize in its own right. But there was the matter of the final set of bounties, which had grown more than substantial.

cmase got the job done and brushed aside the player named after the fictional boxer. Rocky1717 added $10,380 worth of bounties to their main prize for a combined total worth $87,742.

$50,973 was the bounty cmase got their hands on, taking their total haul to a cool $128,065.

MoMoMoPKO #237 – $1,000,000 GTD Final Table

Place Player Prize Bounties Total prize
1 cmase $77,092 $50,973 $128,065
2 rocky1717 $77,092 $10,380 $87,472
3 Barewire $49,754 $13,113 $62,867
4 pagodeiro31 $35,727 $15,461 $51,188
5 kwansolo $25,935 $4,537 $30,472
6 Obelisk1 $20,642 $15,622 $36,264
7 airmezz $15,349 $3,225 $18,574
8 b00ma $10,056 $450 $10,956
9 domoAlyGato $5,504 $4,500 $10,004

Don’t worry if you’ve missed out on the first three weeks of this series because it continues until November 1. There are some truly gigantic tournaments scheduled, each waiting for you to take them down.

The Venom is, without a single doubt, the MoMoMoPKO Series event you simply can’t miss. It’s $2,650 buy-in is way out there, but that’s because of its $5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Four starting flights are available, each seeing you sit down with 300,000 chips. Late registration is open for 18 levels of 20-minutes giving you plenty of opportunities to jump into the action.

Venom PKO Schedule

Date Venom Day
Fri 23 Oct Day 1A
Sun 25 Oct Day 1B
Fri 30 Oct Day 1C
Sun 1 Nov Day 1D
Mon 2 Nov Day 2
Tue 3 Nov Day 3
Wed 4 Nov Final Table

There are dozens of satellites feeding into the $5,000,000 Venom PKO running right now. We’re not sure if cmase is grinding the satellites or buying in with his new $128,065 fortune. He should be trying to win his way into the Venom because nobody likes paying full price for anything!

A recent $95 satellite drew in almost 700 players and 23 of those won a $2,650 Venom seat.

Matthew Pitt

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