Cimbolas Shines In Aria High Roller Series Events

Matas Cimbols is an Aria High Roller Series champion

PokerGO’s Aria High Roller Series is in full swing in Las Vegas, and Matas Cimobolas has started it like a house on fire. The Lithuanian won a $10,000 buy-in tournament and finished runner-up in another for a combined $266,600.

Fifty-one players bought into Event #15, which was the first event on the schedule. The erroneous number is because it is the 15th event of the Aria High Roller Series since the start of 2021.

Sean Perry was the tournament’s bubble boy, much to the delight of the poker community. Former Big One for One Drop winner Daniel Colman outed Perry as a scammer of the high stakes community, so him busting empty-handed here resulted in a few wry smiles.

Jake Schindler was the first player to cash in this Aria High Roller Series event. Schindler’s As-Kc failed to get there against Jack Hardcastle‘s Qc-Qd.

Hardcastle busted Kristina Holst in seventh place, too. Holst three-bet all-in with pocket threes and lost to Hardcastle’s superior jacks.

Florida pro Sam Soverel fell in sixth at the hands of the dangerous Ali Imsirovic. Soverel three-bet all-in for 200,000 with Ah-4h after Imsirovic opened to 45,000 with Ad-Js. Imsirovic called, flopped a jack, and Soverel crashed out.

Andy Park’s exit in fifth-place netted him $40,800; Hardcastle did the damage. Imsirovic raised to 60,000, Park three-bet all-in for 85,000, and Hardcastle four-bet all-in for 475,000. Imsirovic folded, leaving the Qd-4d of Park to go up against the Ah-Qh of Hardcastle. The latter turned a flush to reduce the player count by one.

Cimbolas Takes Control of Aria High Roller Series #15

Hardcastle could not put those chips to good use and was the next player out of the door. Everyone folded to Cimbolas in the small blind, and he raised to 500,000 with Jh-8s. This was enough to cover Hardcastle’s stack, and Hardcastle called all-in with Qc-Js. The five community cards fell 8d-4c-2d-7h-6s, busting Hardcastle Cimbolas held 3,025,000 chips, and had one hand on the Aria High Roller Series #15 title.

Jack-eight must be Cimbolas’ lucky hand because he used it to eliminate Imsirovic. Cimbolas raised to 120,000 from the small blind with Jh-8h and called when Imsirovic three-bet to 275,000 with what turned out to be Qs-Qh. Cimbolas checked on the Js-3h-7c fop, and Imsirovic bet 145,000. The bet puzzled Cimbolas and he used a time bank extension while pondering his options. He settled on a 320,000 check-raise. Imsirovic responded with a 685,000 shove, which Cimbolas called. The Ah turn gave Cimbolas a flush draw, but it was the Jc river that gifted him the pot.

Cimbolas held a 3,900,000 to 1,400,000 chips lead over Johan Guilbert going into the heads-up section of the Aria High Roller Series #15. It did not take long for the Lithuanian to defeat his flamboyant French opponent.

Guilbert lost a couple of early pots before jamming 1,000,000 chips preflop with Kd-Ts. Cimbolas looked him up with Js-Jh. The flop came down Ad-Ah-5c, keeping Cimbolas ahead. The Td turn improved Guilbert to a pair, but the 7s was not one of the Frenchman’s outs and he bowed out in second for $107,100. Cimbolas banked $163,200 for his Aria High Roller Series #15 victory.

Aria High Roller Series #15: $10,000 NL Hold’em Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Matas Cimobolas Lithuania $163,200
2 Johan Guilbert France $107,100
3 Ali Imsirovic Bosnia and Herzegovina $71,400
4 Jack Hardcastle United Kingdom $51,000
5 Andy Park United States $40,800
6 Sam Soverel United States $30,600
7 Kristina Holst United States $25,500
8 Jake Schinder United States $20,400

Cimbolas went on to finish second to Spain’s Sergio Aido in the next $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em event. He banked $103,400 for that result. He now has $4,396,292 in live poker tournament winnings, enough for second-place in Lithuania’s all-time money listings. Only Antanas “Tony G” Guoga ($7,245,030) has more earnings.

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