Brewer Wins Again; Ships 2021 Poker Masters Event #8

Oregon's Chris Brewer is enjoying a purple patch of form and now has a solid chance of winning the 2021 Poker Masters purple jacket.

Chris Brewer continued making a name for himself by winning a 2021 Poker Masters event. Brewer took down Event #8: $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em, and walked away with $427,500. The prize money Brewer collected is his largest-ever cash. The former University of Oregon track athlete now has $2,884,241 in winnings, $2,532,920 of that sum coming on 2021.

Fifty-seven players bought into the eighth event of the 2021 Poker Masters and created a $1,425,000 prize pool. Only the top nine finishers won a slice of that pie.

Day 1 concluded with only five players able to become a 2021 Poker Masters champion. Eliran Yamin, Ian O’Hara, Alex Foxen, and Matthew Wantman all crashed out in the money.

The final five returned to the action on September 15, each guaranteed $114,000. John Riordan collected this sum after becoming the first Day 2 player out of the door. It was the fourth cash of the 2021 Poker Masters for Riordan.

Fourth place and $142,500 went to Brock Wilson with two hands doing the damage, First, Wilson’s 6c-6s lost to the superior Th-Tc of Darren Elias. The rest of Wilson’s short stack went into the middle with Qd-8c, which lost to the dominating Ac-Qs of Elias.

The points Wilson collected here catapulted him to the top of the 2021 Poker Masters leaderboard.

Elias Leads Heads-Up in 2021 Poker Masters Event #8

Heads-up was set when Lou Garza bowed out in third, a finish good for $199,500. Blinds were 50,000/100,000/100,000a, and Brewer moved all-in with 8h-6h. Garza called off his 575,000 stack with As-4c but was only in front until the flop of the Qs-Tc-8d-5s-3d board.

Elias held a 5,525,000 to 1,600,000 lead over Brewer going into the one-on-one encounter. Brewer doubled early to level matters before forging a lead for himself. He whittled Elias down to 10 big blinds, but Elias’ Ac-7c beat Brewer’s Kc-Jc.

Another Elias double was cancelled out during the 50,000/125,000/125,000a level. Elias open-shoved for 1,650,000 with Tc-9d, and Brewer called with Kd-9c. A final board reading Jc-6s-4d-Ah-Qh busted Elias and left Brewer to bask in the glory of becoming a 2021 Poker Masters champion.

Event #8 In-The-Money Finishing Positions

Place Player Prize Points
1 Chris Brewer $427,500 257
2 Darren Elias $285,000 171
3 Lou Garza $199,500 120
4 Brock Wilson $142,500 86
5 John Riordan $114,000 68
6 Matthew Wantman $85,500 51
7 Alex Foxen $71,250 43
8 Ian O’Hara $57,000 34
9 Eliran Yamin $42,750 26

Brewer Has a Shot at the Famous Purple Jacket

Brewer’s victory places him second in the 2021 Poker Masters leaderboard. He trails Wilson by 62 points, but there are some huge events in the pipeline

Place Player Points Wins Cashes Earnings
1 Brock Wilson 358 1 3 $414,300
2 Chris Brewer 320 1 3 $490,800
3 Daniel Negreanu 281 1 2 $281,400
4 Sean Perry 280 1 3 $280,000
5 Dylan DeStefano 260 0 3 $260,800
6 Lou Garza 234 0 3 $313,700
7 Stephen Chidwick 232 1 2 $231,600
8 Matthew Wantman 216 0 3 $250,700
9 Shannon Shorr 205 1 1 $205,000
10 John Riordan 190 0 4 $235,500

2021 is shaping to be an incredible year for Brewer, who has come out of nowhere. He is best known for playing high-stakes cash games but prefers the excitement of tournament poker.

Brewer started the year by winning a $10,000 High Roller event at Aria, Las Vegas for $113,400. He has added another 10 six-figure prizes to his resume since. Brewer won a $50,000 Super High Roller event at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on August 4. That victory came with $420,670 after a heads-up deal with Sean Winter. It was Brewer’s largest prize. This result eclipses that score with first place weighing in at $427,500.

This is not the last time you will see Brewer’s name on these pages.

Brad Johnson

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