BoBomb14 Wins the $10M Gtd Venom Tournament

Austria's BoBomb14 took down the latest $10 million guaranteed Venom tournament at Americas Cardroom and banked $782,062.

The $10 million guaranteed Venom tournament took place at Americas Cardroom and what an event it was. Some 3,782 players bought in, and “BoBomb14” of Austria outlasted them all. Their reward? An impressive $782,062.

Those of you with the ability to perform math mentally have, no doubt, realized one of two things. First, the 3,782 entrants meant the Venom missed its guarantee. It did so to the tune of $545,000. Second, the payouts look wrong because Venom always pays out seven figures for first-place. Originally, this was the case but all eight finalists struck a deal to reduce the pay jumps.

All eight players locked in 50% of their ICM worth before the final table action began. The Venom paid out the remaining funds in a traditional format. This massively benefited the shorter stacks. For example, $75,000 was the original eighth-place prize. However, the deal meant the player in eight guaranteed themselves $151,523 regardless of their finishing position. It made for an interesting final table, to say the least.

BoBomb14 Fifth in Chips at the FInal Table

Austria’s BoBom14 found themselves fifth from eight when the final table shuffled up and dealt. “100kunderrisk” and “SeT4x4” were the only players with more than 200 million chips.

“Kylejf” was the first finalist heading for the exits after a cooler of a hand. Kylejf opened to 2.3 big blinds from under the gun. “galaxycygnus” called from the next seat along, only for BoBomb14 to squeeze to 7.8 big blinds from the cutoff. The action folded back to Kylejf, who moved all-in for 37.63 big blinds, which only BoBomb14 called. Kylejf flipped over Ah-Kh, but BoBom14 held As-Ad. The board ran 6c-6h-6s-Qs-Jc, game over for Kyljf.

“livinmydream” endured a nightmare and was the next busted player. “ImHereToFold” went against their username and min-raise with Kh-Ks. livinmydream was in the big blind with 8h-8s and a mere 13 big blinds. Those chips went into the middle, and ImHereToFold called. The five community cards fell 4s-Jc-Td-Jd-Qs and livinmydream headed for the exits.

Sixth-place and $287,618 went to ImHereToFold despite them winning that last big pot. They came unstuck after open-shoved 11 big blinds with Qd-Td from the small blind, and Padishare looked them up with As-3c from the big blind. ImhereToFold flopped a ten but their opponent turned an ace.

Pay Jumps Increase Significantly

The pay jumps became massive despite the earlier deal. For example, the difference between fifth and fourth-place weighed in at almost $100,000.

galaxycygnus was the next player heading to the showers. They raised to 2.1 big blinds on the button with 9s-8s. BoBomb14 called with Qh-Jc from the big blind, and the flop fell Ts-9s-6d. BoBomb14 checked, galaxycygnus made a 1.72 big blind continuation-bet before calling off the 11.82 bigs he had behind when their opponent shoved. A jack on the turn proved enough to reduce the player count.

Padishar’s elimination in fourth meant an American would not win the $10 million Venom. Their tournament ended at the hands of BoBomb14. They min-raised in the cutoff with Jc-Js and snap-called when Padishar ripped in his 11.8 big blinds with Ac-2c. The suited ace did not get there on the community cards, and he busted out with $354,023 to show for his efforts.

Heads-up was set when “SeT4x4” crashed out in third, a finish worth $622,762. SeT4x4 pushed all-in for 11 big blinds with Ac-Ts from the small blind, and BoBomb14 called with As-Jd. Both players turned an ace, but SeT4x4 could not find a ten.

BoBomb14 secured the title and $782,062 after an hour-long heads-up battle with 100kunderrisk. The champion elect raised 2.1 big blind with Ad-9d, and 100kunderrisk defended his big blind with 9c-6c. 100kunderrisk check-raised a quarter-pot bet on the 2d-6d-3c flop to 4.5 big blinds, which was called. The turn brought the Kh into view. 100kunderrisk shoved for 1.5-times the pot, and BoBomb14 called. A Jd completed a flush and ended the tournament.

$10 Million Venom Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 BoBomb14 Austria $782,062
2 100kunderrisk Malta $793,748
3 SeT4x4 United Kingdom $622,762
4 Padishar United States $354,023
5 galaxycygnus United States $367,024
6 ImHereToFold Czech Republic $287,618
7 livinmydream Austria $230,790
8 Kylejf United States $224,969

Brad Johnson

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