BabyBowser Bulldozes Venom Field; Banks $1.5M

BabyBowser came out on top of a 3,930-strong field in the Americas Cardroom $10 million guaranteed Venom, and won $1,514,000.

Americas Cardroom regular, “BabyBowser,” is more than $1.5 million richer thanks to taking down the $10 million guaranteed Venom. BabyBowser overcame a 3,930-strong field to walk away with $1,514,000.

The $10 million guaranteed Venom tournament attracted 3,930 players over four days. That bumper crowd’s buy-ins equated to $9,825,000, resulting in The Venom overlaying for the first time. Americas Cardroom still made $414,500 profit from the tournament thanks to the $15 rake on each entry.

Day 1A attracted 535 entrants, with Day 1B seeing 1,026 players take to the virtual felt. Day 1B was the day BabyBowser started his quest for Venom glory. The penultimate flight drew in 771 entrants, with Day 1D seeing 1,598 players buy in.

Sweeney Leads The Venom Final Table; BabyBowser Fourth

Felipe “Ketzfelipe” Ketzer was the first finalist heading to the cashier’s cage. BabyBowser raised to 2.2 big blind before calling when Ketzer three-bet all-in for 20.9 big blinds. “TALKINABOOT?” called all-in for 17.9 big blinds, and BabyBowser folded. It was Jd-Td versus Qs-Qd. The queens held, and Ketzer was down to only 3.56 big blinds; he bust the next hand.

Tommy “BTCBlade” Chen crashed out in seventh. Chen got his last 11 big blinds in with 4c-4s, but ran into TALKINGABOOT?’s Ks-Kh. The board ran Qc-2h-7s-As-Ah to bust Chen in seventh, a finish worth $185,000.

Sixth-place and $265,000 went to Canada’s “cruel.” Ronan “sw33ney” Sweeney raised to 2.2 big blinds on the button, cruel three-bet all-in for 11 big blinds from the small blind, and BabyBowser reshoved from the big blind. Sweeney ducked out of the way. Cruel showed Ah-6h, BabyBowser Th-Tc, and a king-high board sent cruel home.

Everyone was now guaranteed $370,000, the sum Eduardo “M CUNHA G” Silva of Brazil won. The Brazilian committed his last 18 big blinds with 8s-8h, and was flipping against BabyBowser’s Ac-Ks. Ace-king came from behind courtesy of the Js-Tc-Jd-9s-As board. Game over for Silva.

Final Four Lock Up Half a Million Dollars!

The surviving four players locked in $504,000 for their $2,650 investment; a very healthy return. However, $1,514,000 was up top, so nobody wanted to bust.

Somebody had to, and “Lordfish” was that someone. BabyBowser raised to 2.2 big blinds, Lordfish three-bet all-in for 9.2 big blinds, Sweeney called the shove, and the original raiser tossed in calling chips. Lordfish’s pocket sixes proved no good against BabyBowser’s ace-seven.

TALKINGABOOT? crashed out in third for a massive $694,000 payout. BabyBowser raised to 2.75 big blind, TALKINGABOOT? responded with a 7.5 big blind three-bet, only for BabyBowser to jam all-in. TALKINGABOOT? called off the 17.7 big blinds he had behind, before revealing the cards. It was As-Qd for TALKINGABOOT? which was flipping against 9d-9c. A 9s-4s-3d flop left the all-in player drawing thin. He was drawing dead on the Tc turn.

That had gave the champion elect a massive chip lead going into heads-up against Sweeney. The contest ended after 20-minutes of one-on-one action.

The final hand of The Venom saw Sweeney min-raise, and BabyBowser call from the big blind. A Ks-6h-2c flop saw BabyBowser check-call a continuation bet from Sweeney. The 3h landed on the turn, and BabyBowser checked again. Sweeney bet two-thirds pot, only for his opponent to check-raise all-in. Sweeney called and showed As-Ah, but was against Kh-6s that flopped two pair. The 4h river failed to alter the outcome, and BabyBowser won the Venom for $1,514,000. Sweeney collected $1,015,200.

Place Player Country Prize
1 BabyBowser United States $1,514,000
2 Ronan “sw33ney” Sweeney United Kingdom $1,015,200
3 TALKINABOOT? United Kingdom $694,000
4 Lordfish Canada $504,000
5 Eduardo “M CUNHA G” Silva Brazil $370,000
6 cruel Canada $265,000
7 Tommy “BTCBlade” Chen United States $185,000
8 Felipe “Ketzfelipe” Ketzer Brazil $130,000

Brad Johnson

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