Five Tips and Tools to Become a Successful Poker Player

Learn to Have Aggression

Aggression is the biggest part of every poker game, and the most successful poker players often have more aggression than anyone else at the table. If you learn to be aggressive, you will grow as a poker player more times than not. The whole key to aggression though is having selective aggression.

Selective Aggression

When you have selective aggression this means that you are picking spots, but not only that, you are picking great spots against weaker opponents. If you are new to the game, you should look to pick on other players that have a similar skill level as you do. The reason for this is because you can make money off of weak players, but if you choose to playback at tough players, you will run into problems very often, and lose money. To have selective aggression means you will have an easier time whether it is progressing through a poker tournament or winning pots in cash games.

Play Pots in Position

As you will learn if you are new to the game of poker, the power of position is huge throughout any game you play. If you have the button, you have the last action on every street during a hand of poker. Playing the button and pots in position gives you an advantage like no other. From the button you will have more chances to win the pot without a showdown than any other position at the table. Winning a pot without a showdown basically means that you didn’t have to show your cards, and you won the hand. Ideally, you don’t want to show your cards all too often at a poker table, and playing pots in position will allow you to do this. Staying aggressive is a big part of winning when playing poker and the best spot at the table to do so from is the button.

Trapping Aggressive Opponents

Another way to use aggression to your advantage is to trap aggressive opponents, which is the opposite of trying to beat a tight poker player. In this scenario you are letting your opponent be aggressive because you have them beat by a mile in a hand and are looking to get value from your hand. When you flop a hand that is so big that it is unbeatable, you want to allow your opponent to put chips into the pot. If you simply bet out they will probably fold and this is never an ideal spot. What you want to do is check to aggressive opponents. When you check a hand to an aggressive opponent, almost every time they will make a bet or a move at the pot to win it. This is a big part of the game that most amateur players miss because you see your cards and want to build up a big pot, but do not know how to do it. Checking the hand to your opponent if they are super aggressive will allow you to potentially win a big pot.

Learn How to Multi-Table

Learning how to multi-table whether it is cash games or tournaments will allow you to cut down the short term swings of the online game. If you are playing 4 tables opposed to one table, the chances are better that you can either get back to even faster or win more money. It is a risk and reward scenario, but over time you will see where your comfort levels are when playing a session of online poker. If you start with one table, this is fine because you don’t want to pressure yourself too much too quick, but after a week or so you should try playing two tables. After two tables will be 3, then 4 tables and so on.

The more tables you become comfortable with the better because it allows you to make more money in the long run, and also it allows you to have a higher level of thought throughout poker sessions. Focusing throughout poker sessions becomes harder and harder the more tables you play, so be careful at first, and then slowly add tables as time passes by.

Use all of the poker tools at your disposal to improve your chances of winning!


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